With the imminent approach of ‘Arrow’ Season 4, not to mention the arrival of  the sophomore season of ‘The Flash’ and the premiere of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ later this season, it is understandable for fans of the CW’s DC Universe to be a bit antsy while they are waiting for their shows to return. Well, to help tide over the True Believers, the folks behind ‘Arrow’ have released a reel of deleted scenes from the 3rd season, which most suspect will also be included on the Blu-Ray release of the season.

Check out the deleted scenes below, but bear in mind these are not completed scenes. What is different about these deleted scenes compared to what we might normally see on a home video release is that these are deleted fight scenes, meaning action packed sequences that were planned, plotted and practiced by the stuntmen on the show, and then decided to be cut out of the episode at a later date. It is kind of interesting to see the work that goes into the raw action, and listening to the narration from one of the stuntmen describe the scenes, what they were trying to accomplish, and ultimately why they were cut out is pretty intriguing. Of particular interest was hearing about the fighting style they came up with for Arsenal, which was supposed to be a bit showier and more acrobatic (making Arsenal way more similar to Batman’s Robin, which some would say makes sense since it seems folks behind ‘Arrow’ really see Oliver Queen as their Dark Knight). In the end, it seems they cut down on the showiness of Arsenal’s moves (according to the video) because they worried it might take away from the actual fighting, which is why we did not get much of Roy’s acrobatic fighting style during the season.

What are your thoughts on the deleted scenes? Would incorporating more of these elements have led to a more satisfying season? Let us know your opinion below!