Before taking the stage in Hall H on Thursday afternoon for Peter Capaldi’s San Diego Comic-Con debut, BBC premiered the first trailer for the ninth season of ‘Doctor Who’ online. In case you missed it, here it is again for your viewing pleasure:

By the looks of the first 90 seconds from Season Nine, Team TARDIS is in for a ton of action later this year. But with all this going on already, you may need a little bit of time to take it all in. Let’s start by taking a look at the description of the season provided by BBC America in their press release:

The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) is joined by Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) for time travel on a cinematic scale. Having the time of their lives, the pair meet new and old monsters, and go on a journey that takes them to deadly alien planets, creepy underwater bases, Vikings villages, a global Zygon uprising, and leads them through hidden alien dens, to the very end of time itself. Meeting monsters old and new the Doctor will come face to face with Missy (Michelle Gomez), a city of Daleks, deadly mercenaries called the Mire, terrifying ghosts, and more.

As all-inclusive as that sounds, there are still elements of this trailer that are largely a mystery, so let’s take a look at some of the most interesting moments from the freshly debuted teaser.

For starters, I’m pretty sure that this is the city of Daleks referred to in the description above. Does this mean that the Doctor is making a return to Skaro, the home world of the Daleks? Or maybe they stumble upon a Dalek colony somewhere else in the galaxy? Either way, Whovians may remember that the very first time we saw current companion Jenna Coleman in ‘Doctor Who,’ it was during the episode ‘Asylum of the Daleks.’ I’m hoping that comes into play somehow when Clara comes face to face with these legendary foes again.

An interesting note from the press release mentions some changes within the TARDIS for the new season. It’s still bigger on the inside, but we’re told that designer Michael Pickwoad has introduced brand new roundels to the inside of TARDIS, making the ship a bit more reminiscent of desktops of old. Are you a fan of the throwback-inspired look?

‘Doctor Who’? More like ‘ROCKtor Who’, am I right? Whatever. Just go with it. Anyway, we always knew that the Doctor acted like a rockstar sometimes, but could he actually be one in Season Nine? We’ll have to wait a while to find out, but it’s fun to see Twelve showing off his best rock stance.

Ah yes, the orange space suit. It looks like it will be making a comeback this season as we see Clara sporting it here. The Tenth Doctor acquired it from Sanctuary Base 6 during the episodes ‘The Impossible Planet’ and ‘The Satan Pit’ and it has proven to be useful a number of times. The Twelfth Doctor even utilized it again in ‘Kill The Moon’ when Coal Hill School student Courtney Woods joined them for a quick trip to the Earth’s natural satellite. What sort of trouble are the Doctor and Clara getting into that they need their trusty space suit again?

As previously mentioned, Michelle Gomez’s Missy will play a big part in the upcoming season. After what she did to Danny Pink in series 8, I’m curious to know how Clara feels about coming face to face with the Doctor’s long-time foe again. But at the SDCC panel, Comic Book Resources shares that the cast spoke more about the Master’s relationship with the Doctor, which is understandably a rocky one:

Michelle Gomez: “When you break it down, it’s about this great friendship that just went wrong — and everybody has that. So now she tracks down the Doctor and says, ‘No, you started this, I’m right.’ And he always gets in the way of me trying to destroy the world.”

Peter Capaldi: “This person walks into the room and your heart sinks — you’re happy to see them and then you think, ‘Ah, I’m going to have to put up with all this shit.’”

And finally we get our first glimpse at special guest star Maisie Williams. The ‘Game of Thrones’ actress certainly made her presence known in this trailer during a very interesting exchange with the Doctor. How do they know each other already? In the past, we’ve seen his family members such as his granddaughter and his daughter. Could young Miss Williams be a niece? Or maybe she’s just another acquaintance from his many years of travel. No matter who she’s playing, I’m excited to see Arya Stark get all timey wimey.

What do you think of the new trailer for ‘Doctor Who’? Are you excited to see the ninth season of NuWho? And which parts are you most looking forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments below.

‘Doctor Who’ returns to BBC America on September 19, 2015.