Titans: Get A New Look At Drew Van Acker As Aqualad
DC Universe

Even though he didn’t appear in the flashback montage when the new Titans moved into the old Titans’ headquarters, there is one more previous Titans member that the new gang hasn’t met, Aqualad (Drew Van Acker).  (Actually, there may be more than that.  More on that later.) But viewers will get to learn all about this former member in the upcoming fourth episode of DC Universe’s ‘Titans’ which will be released this Friday and is entitled– what else?– “Aqualad.”

Prior to that, DC Universe has released a new picture  of Van Acker suited up as Aqualad:

DC Universe

To the left, you can see Wonder Girl (Conor Leslie) hiding in the background.  There have been some hints that Donna and Aqualad may have a romantic past.


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The CW
The CW

In the comics, it was Speedy with whom Donna was involved during their younger Titans days, but because there was already a Speedy/Roy Harper on TV– Colton Haynes on The CW’s ‘Arrow’– it was assumed that this character along with Kid Flash/Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) from ‘The Flash’ were off-limits to ‘Titans’.

However, in the second episode, “Rose,” Donna is working off of intell from Roy Harper, and is even seen taking a phone call from him, thus establishing his existence in the ‘Titans’-verse.  With ‘Arrow’ ending after the upcoming ten-episode final series, could that free up Roy to be used on ‘Titans’?  And while we’re at it, it doesn’t really look as though Kid Flash is returning to ‘The Flash’ anytime soon.  Could we see a full reunion of the original Titans on ‘Titans’?

As for “Aqualad,” it looks to contain a lot of flashbacks, as there have been many ominous references to Deathstroke (Esai Morales) and his past.  It has been revealed that the Titans thought he was dead, but have now learned that he isn’t.  It has also been implied that Deathstroke is the reason the team disbanded and abandoned their base.

Showrunner Greg Walker said:

“Both the Titans history to the books and Titans history from what we think happened during the intermitting years between when the Titans first formed, when they broke up, and the present [play into Season 2]. So there’s a lot of backstory that gets revealed that was lurking in the shadows last season.”

“Aqualad,” the fourth episode of ‘Titans’ Season 2 will be released on Friday on DC Universe.