Jeffrey Dean Morgan Negan

In the comics, we’ve been given an origin story for Negan and now ‘The Walking Dead‘ star Jeffrey Dean Morgan who portrays him would love to do the same on screen. Only, Morgan wouldn’t just be open to doing this as a television series but has an interest in it being a movie as well.

The origin was told in a 16-part prequel miniseries titled ‘Here’s Negan’ which Robert Kirkman had put together and is something that would translate well to live-action and give us more details about Negan’s backstory and what made him the kind of man who would smash in Glenn and Abraham’s skulls with Lucille.

This isn’t a new thought either as according to the actor:

“For two years I’ve talked to [Walking Dead chief content officer Scott] Gimple about it. I certainly hope. I know that they’ve talked about doing all sorts of other things, movies and whatever else. I don’t know too much about it. I know it could be an exciting opportunity to tell that story.”

That actor has already shared that if the opportunity came up to film a “Here’s Negan” film that his answer would be “Oh yeah!”

The comics showed not only how Negan found the baseball bat which later is known as Lucille, but also how he named her, why the name is important to him, and his first encounter with the Saviors. The actor has shared that he’d “like to see Negan before the zombie apocalypse.”

As we keep hearing about potential spinoffs and movies from “The Walking Dead” franchise, this doesn’t seem like an idea which would be that farfetched to see happen.

Would you be interested in watching ‘Here’s Negan’ to find out more about the greatest villain which ‘The Walking Dead’ has introduced to date? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Comic Book