“Titans are back, bitches!” exclaims Jason Todd in the trailer for DC Universe’s ‘Titans’ Season 2.  It’s true, Dick, Rachel, Gar, and Kory will be back, along with Jason, Hawk, Dove, and Donna Troy, on Friday, September 6, when DC Universe begins releasing new episodes.  But they won’t be alone.  Bruce Wayne joins the commotion, played by Iain Glenn, along with Chella Man as Joseph Wilson/Jericho, Joshua Orpin as Superboy, Drew Van Acker as Aqualad, and Chelsea T. Zhang as Rose Wilson/Ravager, who can be seen in the new clip.  In addition to that, the group will officially be known as the “Titans,” a name that wasn’t used in the first season.

They’ll need all the help they can get to face their new foe, Deathstroke portrayed by Esai Morales, and possibly even Lex Luthor.  There has been no mention of him showing up, but Superboy is a clone mixing the DNA of Superman and Luthor, and Natalie Gumede will appear in the new season as his henchwoman Mercy Graves.

The trailer starts off with a recap of Season 1, but the Season 2 footage flies by in parts, so you might need to hit pause in a couple of places, but check out the clip below:


If you missed them, here are a few screencaps.  First up is Deathstroke:



Rose Wilson:


Wonder Girl:

It’s hard to judge the upcoming season based just on the trailer, but it looks as though there might be more actual super-heroics, complete with costumes this time.  But speaking of costumes, Dick is still Robin in the footage shown here.  While Brenton Thwaites has stated that he gets a new suit this season, he didn’t come right out and say that Dick assumes the persona of Nightwing.  But it’s likely that DC Universe is saving that reveal for the actual show.

‘Titans’ Season 2 kicks off on Friday, September 6.