Guillermo del Toro has long had a dream of bringing his own vision of ‘Pinocchio‘ to life and has finally shared a few details about it. The project is one which many were concerned will end up waiting eternally in limbo, as many of his films have done, but it sounds like he still has plans to complete this stop-motion feature for Netflix. This, alongside the star-studded ‘Nightmare Alley,’ are the two features that the iconic creator is said to be directing next.

As for ‘Pinocchio,’ we know not to expect a story with a happy ending such as what Disney gave us but we’ll, in fact, be seeing something completely original. Instead of the animated classic or the Carlo Collodi’s 19th-century novel, we’ll see this new film take place in Italy while fascism was on the rise.

Sounds like this could be used as a way to bring social commentary into the film.

As to what del Toro wants to do with the film:

“To me, ‘Pinocchio,’ very much like ‘Frankenstein,’ is a blank canvas in which learning the curve of what the world is and what being human is are very attractive to do as a story. I’m very attracted to it because, thematically — and I don’t want to spoil what the movie’s about — it’s about something that is in all of my movies, which is choice. That’s a theme that is very dear to my heart. I think [earlier versions of] the story, and Collodi’s in particular, are very repressive. It’s essentially a very brutalist fable about what a sin disobedience is. And I think disobedience is the beginning of the will, and the beginning of choice. … I think there’s something that’s very attractive about seeing disobedience as a virtue, or as the beginning of a virtue.

It sounds like we’ll be given a completely different perspective in this modernized fairytale with a new message as well. This will be the first stop-motion film that del Toro directs but it won’t be the first time he has played with the medium. He has actually been doing so since he was a kid on his Super 8 camera.

“I believe stop-motion is one of the few types of film where a person with two or three friends can actually make a feature with very little resources. There’s a freedom that comes with that.”

Del Toro hopes that this will be the first of many films which he can do in this style.

Are you interested in what Guillermo del Toro has in store for ‘Pinocchio’? What do you think of his planned use of stop-motion film to create the story? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Variety