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If you don’t already know the name Michael B. Jordan, you will soon.  After making a name for himself on television on such shows as ‘The Wire’, ‘Friday Night Lights’ and ‘Parenthood’, the young actor is now gaining critical praise and Oscar buzz for his role in ‘Fruitvale Station’ based on a real life tragedy.  (The film won both the audience and jury prizes at the Sundance Film Festival.)  He’s garnered so much praise, Hollywood is reportedly clamoring for him to appear in a number of high profile roles.

The biggest is of course ‘Star Wars Episode VII’.  Jordan met George Lucas when the SW originator executive produced the movie ‘Red Tails’ which Jordan appeared in.  While a lot of the creative process, including casting, is being kept hush hush, Jordan did admit to reading for an unspecified part.  “I mean, everybody’s going in on this project. They’re trying to figure out what they want,” he said.

Another high profile, and controversial role he is rumored to be up for is Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in the reboot of ‘Fantastic Four’, which will be directed by Josh Trank, with whom Jordan worked on ‘Chronicle’.  Jordan stated, “Definitely interested in the project. Josh Trank is a buddy of mine.”

And on top of that, there’s the sequel to ‘Independence Day’.  Jordan expressed that he’s a “big fan” of Will Smith and of the original movie.  “If that came true, that would be cool, too.”

Heck, even Andrew Garfield wants him to play Spider-Man’s boyfriend in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3‘!  (But I doubt that one will happen.)

In non-genre news, he’s also working with Sylvester Stallone on a reboot/spin-off of ‘Rocky’.

That’s a lot of very high profile movies!  Must be nice being the guy everyone wants!  Hopefully he can schedule filming between them all.  He remains casual about it, though simply stating, “We’ll see how it happens. I don’t know how I can do everything.”

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