To promote ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ due in theaters November 22nd, the viral website Capitol Couture which showcases the over-the-top fashions of the Capitol, offers a fictional profile of Johanna Mason, the ax-swinging tribute from District 7, the lumber producing section of Panem.  Johanna is portrayed by Jenna Malone in the highly anticipated second installment of ‘The Hunger Games’ movies, based on the best-selling YA novels by Suzanne Collins.

The profile captures Johanna’s rebellious nature as well as her desire to represent her district in an unconventional manner:

“District 7’s stylist has been dressing tributes like oak trees and firs for the opening ceremonies ever since the first Hunger Games. Clearly, Mason prefers a more conceptual take on lumber and paper.  “My stylist’s the biggest idiot in the Capitol. Wish I’d gotten Cinna,” she has been known to mumble.”

To emphasize her tough nature, the site details her makeup session:

“During make up, Mason doesn’t fidget as her artist adheres three-inch eyelashes to her lower lashline that only intensify her disarming gaze. (It’s telling that she doesn’t flinch once, even when dots of hot glue are applied.)”

And describing her unique outfit, the site says:

“But it’s her custom gown—a graceful collaboration by Capitol costume designer Trish Summerville and couture designer Jan Taminiau—that transforms her from gladiator to goddess. Constructed of artfully shredded and ruched chiffon and rags, the confection feels like flutters of paper in a gentle breeze.  The use of bark tissue or sculpted cork for the bodice, one sleeve and plumed collar is a nod to the natural resources of District 7.”

Presumably, the site will add more profiles as we get closer to “The Quarter Quell.”  (There is already a profile for Effie Trinket as portrayed by Elizabeth Banks.)  Considering how fashion-conscious the inhabitants of The Capitol are described as being in the books, it makes sense to have a website devoted to the sartorial aspect of this dystopia.

What do you think?  Does this help you get in the mood for the sequel?  Who else would you like to see profiled?  Comment below!