Lilly Wachowski believes The Matrix can be better.

The 1999 release of ‘The Matrix‘ was beloved by fans and critics alike but co-creator Lilly Wachowski believes that it can be “batter than the original.” As someone who usually doesn’t enjoy reboots, it is hard to argue that Warner Bros. wouldn’t be able to develop a franchise on the whole that is well received if they don’t follow the direction that ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ and ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ took as most fans still love the first film in the trilogy but have mixed reactions to the second two installments.

During this year’s TCA, Lilly did confirm that she’s “a little busy at the moment” with her new Showtime series’ Work in Progress’ but is excited about the movie. She went on the state:

“I like it when stories go out into the world and then come back to you in different ways. I mean, that’s what storytelling is all about. I’m part of a bigger thing. I don’t have any ownership over stuff like that, so whatever story anybody wants to tell, I can’t wait to hear. I hope it’s better than the original.”

It is still unclear if the new “Matrix” series will be a hard or soft reboot but either way, it is going to have large shoes to fill.

While we wait for more details, at least we’ll have a chance to see the Dolby re-release of the original film later this month!

Are you looking forward to finding out more details about the upcoming reboot of ‘The Matrix’? Do you want the movies to be a continuation of the original trilogy or start from scratch to wipe out your memories of how the previous attempt ended? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Slash Film