Orphan Black: The Next Chapter

Clone Club rejoice as Tatiana Maslany is back and narrating ‘Orphan Black: The Next Chapter’ in this new clip from the upcoming series. The first episode is titled Our Needs to Shape Us,” which was written by Malka Older and delivers a new clone into our midst.

The series takes place eight years after the events of the series and Maslany was happy to give a few new details about the upcoming audio series.


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As to why Maslany was interested in telling the tale in this format, she said:

“It’s an interesting new medium to use for the characters. The show was such a visual kind of gimmick, in a way, to have multiple versions of me in the same frame. It feels like a natural extension of it to do something that’s audio-based. So much of the work we were doing on the clones was vocally how they were different, and the joy of having one voice do multiple different accents and idiosyncrasies and all of that. It made sense to me to extend the story through the audio world.”

When it comes to new changes to the story, she went on to reveal:

“There’s a lot of new characters, including new clones and the people in their lives, and people who are again trying to kind of control and manipulate them. So there’s a whole new cast of characters.”

You can listen to a quick clip from “Our Needs to Shape Us” which is the first installment of ‘Orphan Black: The Next Chapter’ right here:

This clip introduces Vivi Valdez, who is unaware that she is a clone. While we can’t get too many details right off the bat, Maslany does let us in on a few key facts:

“Vivi is an unaware clone, which has been kind of a recurring theme throughout the series: clones who don’t know they’re clones and discovering their identities. She grew up with this sense that there were other girls who looked like her, and she thought they were imaginary friends. There’s this narrative that she sort of has repurposed in her head to be like, ‘Oh, those are imaginary friends that I was seeing.’ Her psychiatrist and her parents forced that idea on her. So when she first starts to see adult women that look like her, and Charlotte, and all of these other people, it puts that story of her childhood in stark contrast with what the truth is and she has to reevaluate it. Not only is she investigating this massive explosion that happened, she’s also picking through the part of her own identity and her own life story.”

It will be interesting to see how easily she falls into her life as a clone with what she has believed through her childhood.

Are you looking forward to continuing the story from ‘Orphan Black’ in this new audio adventure? Will you be tuning in for each episode of ‘Orphan Black: The Next Chapter’ or are you still holding out hope for another televised outing of the story? Share your thoughts in the comments below!