With the massive ‘Elseworlds’ crossover event just a little over a week away, the CW is really ramping up their promotional game, with the latest being the unveiling of many new pictures to the fans. And while a good many of them are of Oliver and Barry in costume, or rather, the wrong costume, or one picture where they seem to be dressed up, as one article called it, as “biker twins,” there are a few pictures in there that are of particular interest because they feature characters that we have not seen much of just yet.

First off, of course, are the new pictures of Bat-Woman, the character fans are most excited about as her inclusion in the cross-over is supposed to launch her own series in the Arrowverse, and we see her alongside Barry the Green Arrow, and in another shot with Oliver the Flash, striking very different poses in each shot. We also get our first good look at Nora Fries, wife of Batman villain Mr. Freeze, who we do not know much about in terms of the cross-over, but in the main DC comics continuity, is usually shown frozen in suspended animated while her husband works on a cure for her disease, the motivation for all of his dark crimes.

Lastly, there’s a shot of three police officers, who have clearly been reworked by the altering of reality the same way Barry and Oliver have been, as they appear to be alternate versions of ‘Arrow’ big bad Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo), Joe Wilson (Liam Hall) the son of Deathstroke Slade Wilson, and most important, Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman), making his return to the Arrowverse after his death at the end of ‘Arrow’ Season 5. Of course, this most likely means that Barrowman’s return is only temporary, and only for the crossover, which will be disappointing to some fans who had hoped the man might make a more permanent resurrection. Regardless, it is always cool seeing Malcolm Merlyn return to the universe, no matter how it happens.

Check out all the photos for yourself below, and make sure to share any insights or theories you might have in the comments section! And make sure to tune in on Sunday December 9th when the crossover begins!