In a little more than a week TV viewers will see the return of ‘Falling Skies‘. There’s been quite a few creative TV spots for the show but this latest one in the form of a contact lens ad does top them all.

Instead of the usual snippets of footage that shows what’s in store for the upcoming season, TNT has put together mini infomercials of sorts giving “Rules to Save Your Human Ass”. These spots include things like Rule #8: Don’t Ever Say It’s Over and Rule #16: Skitters Can Cause Side Effects. The spots range from violently gruesome to downright goofy but each has a charming element to it all.

This latest spot, however, is just plain creepy and starts off rather innocuously lulling the viewer to think that this is a normal ad for contact lenses:

You may recognize that little critter as an eye worm as a similar one infected both Tom (Noah Wyle) and Hal (Drew Roy) in much the same way as the ad above moving from their eye to their ear. If you have a sudden urge to get a Q-tip, you’re not alone.

Season 3 of ‘Falling Skies’ will take place 7 months after last year’s finale where we learn that the alien species that appeared in the final moments are called the Vohm and the resistance has formed an uneasy alliance with them. Not everyone is convinced that they are friendly (especially Weaver and Pope) but Tom, who has now become the President of New Charleston, feels that the Volm leader, Conchise (Doug Jones), can help with their fight.

The battle for Earth has definitely been kicked up a notch this season! As the log line says “When skies fall, Earth will rise.”

And just in case you need a refresher course, below are some of the rules to “save your human ass” as well as the latest trailer in case you missed them.

‘Falling Skies’ returns to TNT with a 2 hour premiere on Sunday, June 9, at 9PM/8C.