I recently got to chat with Ksenia Solo, one of the stars of the series ‘Lost Girl’, which is airing on SyFy. Solo isn’t new to the scene, with a role in the Oscar winning film ‘Black Swan’ and a recurring role as Tasha on the series ‘Life Unexpected’, now playing Kenzi on ‘Lost Girl’. Kenzi is Bo’s best friend and sidekick in the series, actually listed as Bo’s property in the Fae world, despite her being human. Despite all of their differences, Kenzi and Bo became very close very quickly.

I had heard that Solo was looking for a dog recently, and being an animal lover I had to ask if she finally found the one. She said that she did, “After a long search all over the world, I finally found the one, I actually had to wait for him to be born. So it was a long process but his name Tino and he’s a toy poodle, he’s a rare silver color. What’s cool is he was born totally black but as he ages his fur or hair fades to this cool silver color so it’s been a learning experience with my first time having a dog. It’s definitely surprised me in many ways, he’s just so adorable and he’s surprised me in many ways. I’m having a great time, we’re enjoying each other, so it’s great.” She’s been laughing at the reactions from people, “I almost feel like having a newborn baby, people are saying congratulations. I bought him cute little sweaters.” You can expect to see Tino on set soon too! Filming for season 3 begins in April, so the crew will have a new cast member waiting!

We talked a lot about Kenzi, and with her favorite episode airing recently it was interesting to hear about Season 1. Since Solo had filmed Season 1 almost three years ago, talking about it is a little weird. “I mean it’s only weird because we filmed so many episodes since that point, things have sort of become one big blur. But I really am a fan of season 1, so it’s always fun to reminisce and talk about it.” In talking about Kenzi, she told me how she admires her bravery, “I really admire her bravery. I think she’s probably the only human that could face these scary creatures and all these situations and be totally cool with it. I mean even in moments when she is frightened she will still jump into any situation she has to in order to save her friends and you know fight for what’s right. In real life I think I would take a step back or take a minute to think or totally have a heart attack from fear, you know, I wish I was as brave as she is. That is definitely something I try to take from her into my own life.”

In speaking with her we find out they are both fashionistas, Kenzi is quite a fashionista, and I would say in my own life I am too, I’m in love with everything that has to do with fashion and expressing yourself in clothing and hair and makeup and how you look. So its a lot of fun, because Kenzi is always going undercover and changing her hair and she’s got some really outrageous looks. I have a ball getting to explore all of that with her.” Solo deeply admires Anne Dixon, the stylist on the set of Lost Girl. “It’s always been a collaborative process with her, we have a lot of fun because we go in and we get to play. Kenzi is such a unique character in that way, we don’t have to stick to rules, we can always think outside the box, and just add little tiny details that always make her outfits incredibly fun and different and unique to her. We have an amazing hair and makeup team whom I admire so much and everyday going into that chair, we get to play. You don’t find a character that you can go in and talk about ‘Okay what do we feel like doing today? What is inspiring us today? What colors do we wanna play around with today? Do we want to be blonde? Do we want to be green?’ It’s always really fun, it just makes the job really realy enjoyable, when you’re working with such creative people who do such incredible work we’re really in great hands.”

Solo does have some pieces that have made it this far, “A few different pairs of jeans from this really cool company called Heart Attack, they have zippers on the front, or they have a shoelace like inside the thigh, they have like crazy colors, and I have these amazing boots that have like 10 inch heels and everyone goes “Ksenia, how do you do stunts, how do you run in these shoes” and I’m like “listen, for some bizarre reason I think Kenzi like sleeps in stilettos” she always says she would rather have a sexy pair of boots than a man. That’s her thing. Also we have amazing leather jackets and a lot of stuff is custom made for each character, different fabrics and materials. A lot of thought goes into all these unique pieces. Anne, her mind works in mysterious wonderful ways, and at the end of the day the show has a different look.”

As you can tell from the show, Solo and Anna Silk, who plays Bo, have great chemistry. But they didn’t know each other long before the series began. “We actually met at my screen test. I always say the story how we met in the ladies bathroom before we actually went into the audition, and we just kind of looked at each other and it was love at first sight. I don’t know, just from the minute we started acting together, just from the minute we started together we just clicked. It was just an instant chemistry in life and as people, as actors and we hear a lot this relationship really looks real on screen, and its really nice to hear that that comes through in our characters, because thats how we feel about each other in real life. Which, thank God, because we spend so much time together, so if it was any other way it would be very hard. I always joke that we’ve kind of become a married couple, because we’ve done a lot together we’ve gone through so much together just from beginning of this series, so we’re both lucky.”

They have a lot of fun on set as well. “There are a few times, especially this last season, there are times we can think of that we’ve been working for hours on end, its like three o’clock in the morning and its freezing and we’re in some sort of miniskirt and we’re both wishing we had parkas on, and we’re filming these intense scenes where we just caught a creature or someone just attacked us or something really kind of serious happens, and something will set us off and we literally cannot stop laughing. It’ll get so bad sometimes that the director will come up and even he’ll start laughing hysterically, we’re crying and our makeup is running and everyone is getting mad because you know time is going the more me laugh, the more we cry, the more the makeup is running. So there’s no specific thing I can think of, or if there is it’s kind of, I don’t think it is as funny as if we were in the moment. We get the giggles, we don’t have a good skill of stopping them and going back into serious mode.”

But Ksenia Solo is very humble, very down to Earth, and really appreciates her fans. “It’s a big compliment, we get to meet our fans, and I’ve met some that come dressed as Kenzi, which I think is just very cool. It’s a very big compliment, and it’s so humbling. We’re just so happy that people all over the world have been able to watch this show. I get a lot of fan mail from England and Italy and Australia. I think that’s the coolest thing to me is that people from so far away who speak completely different languages have access to ‘Lost Girl’ and love it. They’re really involved in the characters and watching them grow, so it’s great. We’re all very happy. When we started this show we didn’t know how the fan response would be, and its been really really great.”

I think we can expect ‘Lost Girl’ to go on for a long time. Ksenia has a great attitude towards the show, and with her close relationship with Anna that shows, I believe the series could make a good long run with the fans being able to connect with them. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should really check it out. It’s fun, sexy and intense!

‘Lost Girl’ airs on the Syfy channel on Mondays at 10/9c time.