Chella Man Titans Jericho

‘Titans’ has found its Jericho.  Hearing-impaired, transgender Youtube and Instagram star Chella Man will portray the son of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, who will be played by Esai Morales.  Both characters will be added during the DC Universe series’ upcoming second season.

“Son of the infamous DC villain Deathstroke (played by Esai Morales), Joseph Wilson is the Titan known as Jericho. Mute after his father failed to rescue him from having his vocal cords severed by assassins, Jericho has the unique ability to possess anyone just by making eye contact. This gentle-natured yet proud hero has proven himself a formidable Titan.”

Seeing as how Man is deaf, and the producers were actively seeking a deaf or hearing-impaired actor, this Jericho will likely be deaf in addition to being mute.

Man announced his casting on Instagram:


Man devotes a lot of his Youtube and Instagram posts to detailing with being “deaf, Genderqueer, Chinese, and Jewish.”  He also uses these platforms to chronicle hearing loss and use of a Cochlear implant, and his gender dysphoria and transition.  He has 200,000 followers, and is also a contributing writer to Condé Nast’s Them blog.  In 2017, walked the runway at New York Fashion Week.  He does not, however, have any acting credits to his name.

In the comics, Jericho was always depicted as sensitive and artistic.  Co-creator George Perez designed Jericho as a personal challenge, to render a character who could only communicate through body language.  But after Perez departed the ‘Titans’ series, it seems that others found this too large a challenge, and the character was turned evil, given the power to speak, and killed off.  However, as is the norm in comics, he is alive again.

In addition to Deathstroke and Jericho, Season 2 of ‘Titans’ will reportedly introduce Deathstroke’s ex-wife Adeline, and daughter Rose/The Ravager.  Unrelated to them, the show will also introduce Superboy, as played by Joshua Orpin.

No word on when ‘Titans’ Season 2 will be released.  Season 1 is available in its entirety on DC Universe in the US and on Netflix elsewhere.

Source: Deadline