Darkseid will be in New Gods

After a long delay, “Darkseid is” popping up in the DC film universe.  Director Ava DuVernay is tackling a ‘New Gods’ film for Warner Bros. and she has confirmed that the Biggest Bad of the DC Comics mythos will make his big-screen debut in her project and he won’t be alone.  An avid Big Barda fan, DuVernay is also including her old gang, the Female Furies.

This information came straight from DuVernay herself via Twitter:


The New Gods were created by the legendary Jack Kirby after he left Marvel for DC in 1970.  The heroic New Gods live on New Genesis and are led by Highfather.  They are at war with the evil New Gods, led by Darkseid, from the hellish world of Apokolips.  Darkseid seeks to conquer the entire universe and eliminate free will.  Their conflict spilled over to Earth, which is prophesied to be home of the “Anti-Life Equation,” the key to Darkseid’s goal.  He actually conquered Earth in the miniseries ‘Final Crisis’, but the heroes managed to defeat him in the end.


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Darkseid was set up as the Big Bad in the DC movies, under Zack Snyder’s tenure.  His henchman Steppenwolf was the forgettable antagonist in ‘Justice League’, and the plot revolved around a Mother Box, the sentient devices used by the New Gods to perform a variety of wonders.

Art by Tom Scioli

As for the Female Furies, they are the elite all-female squad trained by Darkseid’s righthand woman Granny Goodness.  However, their leader, Big Barda rebelled and turned against Darkseid and Granny to aid and eventually marry Scott Free/Mister Miracle, the son of Highfather.

Barda is DuVernay’s favorite superhero, so it’s no wonder that she figures prominently in the film.  Even though Darkseid is in the movie, it was previously buzzed that Granny Goodness would actually be the film’s main villain.


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The core Female Furies include Lashina, who wields whip-like weapons and assumed leadership after Barda’s betrayal; the cruel Bernadeth, the sister of Darkseid’s mad scientist DeSaad, who burns her victims with her “Fahren-Knives”; the cackling Mad Harriet, who stabs her enemies with her “Power Spikes”; and Stompa, a powerhouse who can cause mini earthquakes with her “Anti-Matter Boots.”

DuVernay is penning the screenplay with comic writer Tom King, who recently won the Eisner Award for Best Writer.  He also won the Eisners for Best Short Story (with Jason Fabok for “The Talk of the Saints,” from Swamp Thing Winter Special), Best Limited Series for Mister Miracle, and Best Graphic Album – Reprint for The Vision (with Gabriel Hernandez Walta, and Michael Walsh).  King’s collaborator Mitch Gerads won for Best Penciller/Inker Mister Miracle.

Marvel is moving forward with an ‘Eternals’ movie, based on a similar set of characters that Kirby created after returning to Marvel.

‘New Gods’ hasn’t been scheduled for released and it appears DuVernay and King have just started working on the script, so it will be years before the project really comes together, but check back for updates!