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Comic book writer Tom King is going Hollywood, and it has been reported that he will join director Ava DuVernay to pen the screenplay for Warner Brothers’ DC Comics movie ‘The New Gods’.  Perhaps fittingly, King’s most recent work for DC was on the series ‘Mister Miracle’, featuring a character that was created as part of the larger ‘New Gods’ storyline.  The New Gods were created in the 1970s by the legendary Jack Kirby, after he left Marvel.  It was previously announced that Kario Salem (‘Chasing Mavericks’) was attached to write, but it isn’t known how much work he actually did on the project.


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King won an Eisner Award in 2018, for Best Writer for both ‘Mister Miracle’ and ‘Batman’.  Fans became concerned when earlier this month, King announced that he would be leaving ‘Batman’ after issue #85.  Now it appears we know why he is leaving.  Among his storylines, was the controversial engagement between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle/Catwoman, and the multi-part “Robin War.”

King spent years as a counterterrorism agent in the CIA, before retiring after the birth of his first child.  He wrote the superhero prose novel ‘A Once Crowded Sky’.  Among the comics he has written or co-written are ‘Grayson’, and ‘The Omega Men’ for DC, the creator-owned ‘The Sheriff of Babylon’ under DC’s Vertigo banner, and ‘The Vision’ for Marvel.  ‘The Omega Men’ was canceled and was to end with issue #7, but after fan outcry, it was revived to run until issue #12.


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DuVernay (‘A Wrinkle in Time’) was announced as the director for ‘New Gods’ last year.  DuVernay’s favorite superhero is Big Barda, who happens to be the wife of Mister Miracle.  She was the general of the Female Furies, an elite strikeforce reporting to Darkseid and his henchwoman Granny Goodness.  It has been teased that Granny Goodness will actually be the main villain of the film.

Some elements of the ‘New Gods’ have already appeared in the DC film universe, including the villain Steppenwolf, and the Mother Boxes, both seen in ‘Justice League’, but after that film proved to be a disappointment, it’s unclear how closely DuVernay’s film will connect to it.

‘The New Gods’ doesn’t yet have a release date.


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