New Gods Will Have An Unexpected Lead Villain

It would make sense for the ‘New Gods’ movie to feature Darkseid as the main villain since the entire comic book series revolves around him, but it looks as though for the film, Granny Goodness will be the main antagonist.  Granny is one of Darkseid’s closest allies, a merciless taskmaster who trains the elite warriors of Apokolips, most notably, the Female Furies, who are also reported to play a major role in the film.  Goodness was entrusted to raise Scott Free, the son of Highfather, from the planet of heroic New Gods, New Genesis.

While there are dozens of ‘New Gods’ characters, reportedly the script will focus on Scott Free/Mister Miracle and Big Barda.  Barda originated as the leader of the Female Furies before she fell in love with Scott and defected.

There have been numerous members of the Female Furies, but the most famous are Lashina, an Amazonian fighter who uses whip-like straps as weapons, and who assumed control of the group after Barda’s betrayal; Bernadeth, the ruthless sister of Darkseid’s chief mad scientist advisor DeSaad, who wields the blazing Fahren-Knives; Mad Harriet, the cackling acrobat with energy spikes on her knuckles; and Stompa, a brute who wears anti-matter boots that allow her to stomp the ground with incredible force.

Ava DuVernay (‘A Wrinkle in Time’) is directing ‘New Gods’, with Kario Salem (‘Chasing Mavericks’) penning the screenplay.  DuVernay is a longtime fan of the comic book ‘New Gods’ and cites Big Barda as her favorite superhero, so it should come as no surprise that she has chosen to make Barda the focus of her film.

Following the failure of ‘Justice League’, Warner Brothers is taking a slower, more methodical approach to its DC Comics-inspired movies.  Because of that, ‘New Gods’ hasn’t had a release date scheduled.

What do you think about Mister Miracle and Big Barda being the focus of the movie, with Granny Goodness and the Female Furies as the main villains?

Source: The GWW