Tom King Gives An Update On New Gods

Last March, it was announced that acclaimed filmmaker Ava DuVernay had signed on to direct a ‘New Gods’ movie, based on the DC Comics concept for Warner Bros.  Since then, DuVernay has made a few comments about the film, usually on social media.  We know that her favorite superhero is Big Barda, so expect that towering valkyrie to play a large role.  In May, it was announced that comic book writer Tom King would be writing the script.  So, how much work has he done?



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While attending San Diego Comic-Con, King told The Wrap that:

“I start writing it on Monday.”

So get comfy.  This picture isn’t happening anytime soon.  In fact, considering how long a big-budget FX movie like this takes to make, it will be YEARS before this hits theaters, and that’s provided everything goes smoothly from here.  The script could take a year to write, then there is casting, which could take months.  Filming should only take a couple of months, but then there would be a year to edit and complete special effects.  So… hopefully, you weren’t super eager to see the New Gods on the big screen.

King is best known for writing the ‘Batman’ comic for DC, but more recently, he wrote ‘Mister Miracle’, starring one of the most popular New Gods, who happens to be married to Big Barda.  That may have been the reason he was selected to write this film.  This will be his first screenplay.


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DuVernay most recently directed the acclaimed Netflix miniseries ‘When They See Us’, and she is also attached to direct an HBO original movie, ‘Battle of Versailles’ based on the historic 1973 fashion show, which not only put American fashion on the map but broke barriers by including black models.  This is the only other directing project DuVernay has lined up at the moments, so hopefully, that means that she will be able to devote more time to ‘New Gods’.