Bruce Campbell Tells It Like It Is

Bruce Campbell first gained notice in the low-budget (more like no-budget) ‘Evil Dead,’ as such, he has no appreciation for modern filmmaking with its heavy reliance on CGI.  That appears to have been his biggest issue with his recent TV foray ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ which ran for three seasons on STARZ.  And don’t even get him started on superhero movies.

Even though Campbell made cameos in his buddy Sam Raimi’s three ‘Spider-Man’ flicks, he has no love for the most popular genre in film at the moment, with its restrictive costumes (“You can’t even take a leak in this”), and green screen shooting (“Okay, Scarlett Johansson. Here’s your mark on the floor. We already filmed all the other people”… “You’re not really going to be anywhere… Oh no. Oh no. Tennis ball on a stick. That’s what you’re looking at.”).


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As if the logistics of filming such heavily-digitized stuff weren’t bad enough, there’s one superhero flick that Campbell thinks should never have been made simply because it’s such a “stupid, stupid, stupid concept.”  Campbell told io9:

“Batman v Superman.  Stupid, stupid, stupid concept. Never should’ve been made. Superman who can like, make the world go backwards with centrifugal force.  Batman can’t do that. Superman can frickin’ fly. He’s the Man of Steel. All he has—one hand on Batman’s esophagus, the story is over. So they spent a lot of money kidding themselves.”

He didn’t mention heat vision, but Superman has that too, so he could be flying miles above Gotham City and snuff Batman out like a kid burns ants with a magnifying glass.  But for some reason, comic fans love the idea of pitting the ordinary, non-super Batman against the nearly unstoppable being from Krypton, as one-sided as that would be.  And the execs at Warner Bros. liked the idea enough to spend $250-$300 million to make it a reality.

Campbell has stated that he is taking it easy from here on out.  (He is 61 years old after all.)  Last year, he appeared on the AMC series ‘Lodge 49’ and he is lending his voice to the Netflix cartoon ‘The Last Kids on Earth’.  Beyond that, he has declared that he will spend a lot of time smoking pot.