'Westworld III' Trailer Exposes The REAL World, And Aaron Paul Is Back To A Life Of Crime

HBO’s ‘Westworld’ won’t be back for its third season until 2020, but considering what a complicated and expensive series it is to produce, that’s understandable.  And at least HBO isn’t leaving fans high and dry.  A new trailer for the upcoming season has been released, and while it is still in production, quite a bit looks to have been completed as the new clip features completed special effects.  (It’s all most likely from the first episode.)

Viewers may be confused, as the new footage looks to be from a completely different show.  It doesn’t take long to figure out that this is the real world that exists outside of Westworld and the other fantasy theme parks.  The majority of the clip follows new cast member Aaron Paul, who appears to be a cog in a giant machine, a drone, working a construction job alongside a robot, like a live-action version of Emmet from ‘The LEGO Movie’.  However, at some point, he escapes his drudgery by breaking bad and embarking on a life of crime.

There really isn’t a connection to ‘Westworld’ until the end of the clip.  Where things go from here is anyone’s guess!

Check out the new trailer below:


While Season 1 of ‘Westworld’ was critically acclaimed and enthusiastically embraced by viewers, the second season seems to have gone a little too far off the rails for most.  Hopefully, the third season will streamline things and get back what fans fell in love with from the start.

Paul isn’t the only new addition to the cast, as Vincent Cassel and Lena Waithe have also signed on, but at this time, their roles are unknown.

‘Westworld’ stars Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Luke Hemsworth, Angela Sarafyan, Shannon Woodward, Ed Harris, Anthony Hopkins, Clifton Collins Jr., Tessa Thompson, Louis Herthum, Talulah Riley, and Katja Herbers, but some of their characters are dead… at least for now.

HBO has not announced exactly when Season 3 will begin but check back for details.

Below are a few still images from the new trailer: