The CW has now found its prince and his name is Ethan Peck! Peck, who is the grandson of Oscar winner Gregory Peck, has been signed on to star opposite Aimee Teegarden in the CW ordered pilot ‘The Selection.’

To recap, ‘The Selection’ is about a poor young woman named America (to be played by Teegarden) who is chosen by a lottery to compete with other women to marry a prince and become the next queen of the war-torn nation. Peck will be playing Prince Maxon, the man the girls are competing to marry. According to Deadline, the Prince has an “unusual run-in with potential bride America and is impressed and intrigued by her honesty and moxie.”

Peck was last seen in the Justin Timberlake movie ‘In Time’ as Constantin and has appeared in the movie ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.’ He is best known for playing the role of Patrick Verona in the ABC Family’s version of ’10 Things I Hate About You’ (the same role that Heath Ledger played in the movie).  Peck also has a CW network connection as he appeared in 2 episodes of ‘Gossip Girl.’

I must admit, Peck does seem to be a good choice for the role. He certainly has the looks of one that woman would want to compete over. Let’s hope the show is as promising as the casting choices.