HBO has added Aaron Paul as a series regular to the third season of ‘Westworld’.  No other news was revealed about his character.  Does that mean he might be a robot, Bitch?  Paul is best known for playing Jesse Pinkman, the meth dealer with a heart of gold on AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’.  Since then, he has starred on Hulu’s ‘The Path’ and Netflix’s ‘BoJack Horseman’.  He is also signed on as a cast member for the upcoming anthology series ‘Are You Sleeping’ which is due for release next year.  It’s unknown if ‘Westworld’ will impact that project, but since it is an anthology, the cast is only expected to appear in one season.  Coincidentally, he is signed on to star in the upcoming sci-fi movie ‘Android’.

Paul’s ‘Breaking Bad’ costar Giancarlo Esposito appeared on ‘Westworld’ during its recent second season.

Showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have promised a major shakeup with season three, as most of the hosts vacated.  But expect favorites like Evan Rachel Wood and Geoffrey Wright to return.  As Wright stated after the last episode of season two aired:

“I’m excited to explore the idea of host as guests, as Bernard and Dolores are guests now.  The mirror reflection seems that it’s turned on this new [incarnation of] Westworld, and that is the human world. I think the exploration now of [pretending to be] human inside this world as hosts could be rich territory. Once again, it seems there’s a possibility, again, without having read one word of season three, that the worlds are turned upside down and inside out once more.”

‘Westworld’ took a full year hiatus between seasons one and two and from the sound of things, the wait for season three will be even longer, but hopefully that allows the creators to cook up something really satisfying for fans of this ambitious series.

Are you glad that Aaron Paul is joining ‘Westworld’?

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