Millie Bobby Brown

Like father like daughter?  Could Millie Bobby Brown be following in the footsteps of her ‘Stranger Things’ dad, David Harbour and stepping into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?  Sounds that way!  In a Variety write-up regarding Marvel’s presentation at next weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con International, writer Matt Donnelly mentioned that among the new franchises that is likely to be showcased is ‘The Eternals’, which is set to be directed by Chloé Zhao.  Nothing about ‘Eternals’ has been officially announced or confirmed, and that includes casting, but Donnelly mentioned three names that have been mentioned in connection– Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani, and Richard Madden— and one that had not been previously mentioned– Brown.  Marvel is not responding to requests to comment, most likely because they are saving all announcements until next weekend.

There had been previous buzz that Brown was being considered for a Marvel role, but once again, Marvel hasn’t even officially confirmed that it’s even MAKING ‘Eternals’, or even ‘Black Widow’, which is actually filming right now.  the studio has kept everything post-‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ a complete enigma.

Brown is, of course, best known for playing psionic teenager Eleven on Netflix’s massive ‘Stranger Things’, and her on-screen adopted father Police Chief Jim Hopper, is played by David Harbour, who is reportedly co-starring in ‘Black Widow’, which– once again– is not officially filming right this minute in Europe.  His role in that movie is undisclosed.

As for Brown, last year some character descriptions for ‘Eternals’ surfaced.  They may not be accurate, but there was a description for a young female character named “Piper” (not a character from the comics) which may suit Brown:

“The studio is looking to cast a lead female, 10-16 years old of any nationality or ethnicity in the role of ‘Piper’… Strong, charismatic presence with a magnetic personality. Wise beyond her years, articulate and quick-witted. Natural acting ability and some type of athletic background a plus. Though it’s not clear here, it seems that this might be the studio taking a new slant on the Eternal known as Sprite.”

In addition to Jolie, Najiani, and Madden, it was recently rumored that Salma Hayek was being sought for the picture.  It has also been rumored that Korean action star Ma Dong-Seok was in the running.  And finally, there has been buzz about Keanu Reeves starring as well, but that seems to have been diffused by Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige who simply copped to the fact that Marvel reaches out to Reeves with nearly every film they produce in hopes of finding just the right role for him in one of their projects.

Beyond ‘Stranger Things’, Brown is making her way into the realm of big-budget summer movies.  She appeared in this year’s underperformer ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’, and will appear in the next movie in that franchise, ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’, which opens on March 13, 2020.  She also has the lead in’Enola Holmes’, as the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes (played by Henry Cavill), who embarks on her own crime-solving career.

Marvel is expected to unveil a ton of information at SDCC, so check back next weekend to learn everything there is to know about ‘Eternals’ and all of its other upcoming projects.