star trek picard first look

We’ve been dying for new details about CBS’s upcoming ‘Star Trek: Picard‘ series and the latest teaser poster shows that the ex-Star Fleet captain is going to be joined by a dog! In it, we still see Patrick Stewart‘s iconic character in a vineyard but this time he is joined by a new best friend. After ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ many fans are worried as to what we’ll see in the new series that producer Alex Kurtzman is giving us, but on the flip side, everything tends to be better with a dog so that could be a good sign.

Unless, of course, we’re getting a ‘John Wick’ version of the character as no one wants to see anything bad happening to Picard’s new furry little friend.

Here is the image which Stewart shared online:

We still don’t know much about the series but are expecting to learn more at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con where there will be a ‘Star Trek: Picard’ panel. It was previously revealed that while the show might be named after Jean-Luc, other characters are fleshed out enough to lead their own episodes. If that were to happen, you could only hope that one of them follows this good little boy on his way around whatever starship Picard acquires for his new mission.

I mean, look at the dog!

A Star Fleet dog collar and everything! Surely, we’re in for something special here.

Are you happy that Jean-Luc Picard has found a pup to keep him company? Do you think that we’ll see the dog come on whatever adventures we see happen in ‘Star Trek: Picard’? Is there any chance that the entire series will rip off the ‘John Wick’ concept and see one of Star Trek’s greatest captains go on a mission fueled by revenge? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Empire Online.