Kumail Nanjiani
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Kumail Nanjiani is the latest name that is being bandied about as being in contention for a mystery role in Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’.  From the sound of things, Angelina Jolie is a go for this picture, in the role of Sersi.  (It was just a rumor last week.)  It is presently unknown what role Nanjiani is under consideration for, but there are about a thousand of them, so happy guessing.


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Najiani most recently starred in the first episode of CBS All Access’ ‘The Twilight Zone’, “The Comedian.”  He may be best known for playing Dinesh Chugtai on HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’, or for starring in the acclaimed film ‘The Big Sick’.  He will appear in this summer’s ‘Men in Black: international’.

Chloé Zhao is directing ‘The Eternals’ with a screenplay by brothers Matthew Firpo and Ryan Firpo.  ‘The Eternals’ were created by Jack Kirby in the 1970s after he returned to work at Marvel after years away.  In the meantime, he worked for DC and created the ‘New Gods’.  Reportedly, ‘The Eternals’ implemented unused story elements that Kirby had intended for the ‘New Gods’.  (Coincidentally, Warner Brothers has a ‘New Gods’ movie in the works, from director Ava DuVernay.)


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There are conflicting reports as to whether ‘The Eternals’ will film this year to be released next year, or if that release date will go to ‘Doctor Strange 2’.  Most likely, things will be clearer once ‘Avengers: Endgame’ opens.  Then again, there are three Marvel movies opening this year, with ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’, so why not release three next year?  Especially considering that ‘Doctor Strange 2’, ‘The Eternals’ and ‘Black Widow’ are not likely to come close to the success that ‘Endgame’ is expected to achieve.

Rumor has it that ‘The Eternals’ will introduce an LGBTQ lead hero, but very little is known about these plans.  It was believed that this role would be that of the group’s leader, Ikarus (right, top).  More recently, it was rumored that this character would be Hercules (right, bottom).  Technically, Hercules isn’t an Eternal, but both characters are connected to ancient Greek mythology.  Hercules is also a better-known character overall than the Eternals, having first appeared as a Marvel character in 1965.

He and Sersi were members of the Avengers at the same time.  He also acted as the caretaker of the Eternal, The Forgotten One/Gilgamesh.

The Hercules (or Herakles) of ancient mythology was bisexual (as were many ancient Greeks), and even in the comics, the idea has been flirted with.  Though it was played for laughs, it was hinted that Hercules had been sexually involved with openly gay X-Man, Northstar, while a parallel universe version of Hercules was the longtime lover of that world’s Wolverine.

Check back for updates on ‘The Eternals’ as pre-production continues.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter