As it is fitting that most of Marvel’s heroes reside in New York City, it would appear that the Marvel shows that will be part of the Netflix Original Series will now all shoot there. With nearly 60 one-hour TV episodes in the works and spanning multiple characters, it looks like a deal has been reached between Disney and the State of New York to have the city be the hub of filming for these shows.

Disney CEO Bob Iger and Governor Andrew Cuomo took to Times Square to make the announcement that the state is carving out tax incentives in the $4 million ballpark in order for filming ot take place in the city. This is for 13 episode seasons for Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. All of them will then culminate into a four to eight episode mini-series based around the street level team they form called ‘The Defenders’. Slightly different from who you would usually see in the comic form of ‘The Defenders’ but I’m sure we’ll all happily take it if they do a good job! If this all works out there will always be the chance that they end up turning into The New Avengers or just show up in the other major motion pictures.

According to Iger:

“Since 2008 Disney has directly contributed almost half a billion dollars to New York’s economy through television and film production, along with approximately 9,000 jobs for New Yorkers. The Governor’s policies make this great state a more affordable and attractive location, opening the door for even greater economic investment and job creation for New Yorkers. Our Marvel series for Netflix will inject millions directly into the local economy and create hundreds of new jobs.”

How many jobs and how much revenue will this generate? After the $4 million in tax incentives the production will likely create 400 full time jobs and 3,000 jobs in total. Also it should generate roughly $2.11 billion in spending so that tax incentive seems to be quite a fair trade off.

Are you excited to see the Marvel heroes being filmed in the city they are actually usually found in? Happy to hear that progress is being made? Share your thoughts below true believers!

Source: The Wrap