Bill & Ted Face The Music

Hal Landon Jr. is confirmed to be returning for ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’, the long-awaited third installment of the comedic ‘Bill & Ted’ series.  Landon portrayed Ted’s father, Captain Chet Logan in the first two movies, 1989’s ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ and 1991’s ‘Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey’.  In ‘Face the Music’, Chet has been promoted to Police Chief.  No word on whether he still has his sexy and age-inappropriate wife, Missy (played by Amy Stoch), who, despite being only slightly older than Ted, insisted he call her “Mom.”  (Side note, Landon’s father, Hal Landon Sr. appeared as Thomas Edison in ‘Bogus Journey’.)


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Erinn Hayes, Netflix
Jayma Mays, Comedy Central

Three other characters from the original movies are returning, however, they will be played by new actors.

Erinn Hayes will portray Ted’s wife, Princess Elizabeth, who was played by Kimberley LaBelle in ‘Excellent Adventure’, and Annette Azcuy in ‘Bogus Journey’.  Together, Elizabeth and Ted have a daughter, Billie, played by Brigette Lundy-Paine.

Bill’s wife, Princess Joanna, will be portrayed by Jayma Mays.  Diane Franklin played Joanna in ‘Excellent Adventure’, followed by Sarah Trigger in ‘Bogus Journey’.  Bill and Joanna have a daughter, Thea, portrayed by Samara Weaving.

And finally, Ted’s pesky younger brother, Deacon, will be portrayed by ‘SNL’s Beck Bennett.  Frazier Bain played Deacon in ‘Excellent Adventure’, but Deacon wasn’t in ‘Bogus Journey’.

Beck Bennett, NBC

Hayes was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for her role on ‘Children’s Hospital’, and more recently, she has starred in Netflix’s ‘Huge in France’ and Amazon’s ‘The Dangerous Book For Boys’.  Mays may be best remembered for playing Emma Pillsbury on ‘Glee’.  She was most recently been seen in various roles on ‘Drunk History’.  Bennett plays many roles on ‘SNL’ including Vladimir Putin and Mike Pence.  He can be heard voicing Launchpad McQuack on ‘Duck Tales’.

Anthony Carrigan has been cast as the villain for ‘Face the Music’, although specifics are under wraps.  Musician Kid Cudi a.k.a. Scott Mescudi’s role is even more mysterious, as it isn’t known if he will be a good guy or a bad guy.  William Sadler, who played Death in ‘Bogus Journey’, is confirmed to be back in the new film.

Dean Parisot (‘Galaxy Quest‘) is directing, with a screenplay by the writers of the original movies, Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon.

Audiences will get to face ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ on August 21, 2020.


Source: Cinema Blend