Fox is really getting moving on their new and very necessary reboot of ‘Fantastic Four’. Just days after officially bringing ‘Chronicle’ director Josh Trank onto the project, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Fox has tapped up and coming screenwriter Jeremy Slater to script the new movie for Marvel’s first family.

After the first two ‘Fantastic Four’ movies starring Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans, who has gone on to take another hero’s mantle, and Jessica Alba weren’t very well received by movie or comic book fans, Fox was determined to get a better adaptation off the ground (probably so that the movie rights wouldn’t revert back to Marvel). Trank was long-rumored to be directing the film before actually landing the job after his debut feature became a surprise hit. Now, with the addition of Slater on the writing end of things, we’re closer than ever to getting a decent FF film (we hope).

Slater doesn’t have much on his resume right now, but he has a horror script called ‘Tape 4’ lined up at Lionsgate about the mythology of H.P. Lovecraft and a teen spy comedy called ‘My Spy’ at Universal, so at least he’s dabbled in a few elements necessary to create a superhero movie.

Though Fox’s track record with Marvel movies isn’t great right now, I’m hoping that by bringing in Trank and Slater they can pull it together to give the Fantastic Four the movie that they deserve.