Could We Still See A Fourth Season Of Hannibal?

Brian Fuller was responsible for giving us the phenomenal adaptation of the ‘Hannibal’ Lecter novels by Thomas Harris for three seasons on NBC. When the show was canceled, Fannibals everywhere wanted to see another outing, and the cast and crew agreed. However, without a network to call home, we have yet to get an outing which would give us an adaptation of ‘Silence of the Lambs’ which was next arc on the docket. Don’t expect a simple retelling of either the novel or film as Fuller said that his plan would “reinvent” the show if he was able to continue it.


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Recently, after the second season of BBC’s ‘Killing Eve’ came to a close, Fuller was asked if there could be a potential ‘Hannibal’ revival and he was thrilled to share that he wants to move forward with the series but just needs a network to pick it up.

We’re four years on, and everyone involved still professes their love for the show but without funding for a fourth season or even a movie to tie things up, it just isn’t in the cards. Both Netflix and Amazon have passed on picking it up which doesn’t leave many other options to bring it back to life.

Would you be thrilled to see ‘Hannibal’ return for a fourth outing? Which streaming service or network do you feel would make the best home for a return of the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Screen Rant