Even though HBO is developing prequels to ‘Game of Thrones’, it looks as though the premium cable outlet is taking a chance on another fantasy series.  HBO has set ‘Asunda’ in development, based on the comic book work of Sebastian A. Jones.  Jones will co-write and executive produce.  Mimi DiTrani was also announced as an executive producer, but it is unknown with whom Jones will be writing.

Jones has developed the fantasy world of Asunda in four comic book series, ‘Niobe’, ‘Dusu’, ‘Erathune’, and ‘Essessa’.  Jones’ work has been compared to that of J.R.R. Tolkien, with heavy influences from Greek mythology.  The land of Asunda– ” a culturally diverse but war-battered world where magic and swords often determine the course of history”– has been compared to ‘GoT’s Westeros.

Jones’ main character is Niobe Ayutami, “an orphan girl born of two nations, conceived through violence and raised in Oasis, a tiny desert town.”


Her father was a king in a country that Jones modeled on England and Europe, while her mother was the kidnapped female chief of a nomadic tribe of elves who roam a jungle region that corresponds to West Africa. Hunted by all, Niobe will search for her ancestors and the courage to bind them against an ancient enemy. Her adventures have been chronicled in comics form in titles such as Niobe: She Is Life and Niobe: She Is Death.

‘Niobe: She Is Life’ and ‘Niobe: She Is Death’ were co-written with rising young actor Amandla Stenberg, who first gained notice for playing Rue in ‘The Hunger Games’.  Last year, she appeared in another YA sci-fi movie, the flop ‘The Darkest Minds’, as well as the acclaimed drama ‘The Hate U Give’.   It sounds as though Jones doesn’t need to look too far to find a star for ‘Asunda’!

Jones comics are published through his own small company, Stranger Comics, with help from supporters on Kickstarter.

Check back for updates as they develop.

Source: Deadline