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Perhaps the biggest baddie yet is about to enter Supergirl‘s life– Jon Cryer as legendary mad scientist Lex Luthor, the archenemy of Kara’s cousin, Superman.  Similarly to the comic book source, Cryer’s Luthor holds a grudge against the Man of Steel, declaring “I was the Man of Tomorrow!  Not him!”  His revenge plot, it seems, involves turning the Earth’s sun red, making it inhospitable to Kryptonians.

Luthor is the focus of this new clip, which also features cameo appearances from Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman.  What is intriguing is that Luthor is clearly seen standing and walking, whereas, in the still photos released last week, he is shown seated in a wheelchair.  It seems the wheelchair is part of his plot to be furloughed from prison.  (“Superman made me do it,” he tells the judge.)

Co-showrunner Jessica Queller discussed the show’s approach to the iconic villain:

“The character is not that dissimilar to what we’ve seen in canon.  He just [has] a sparkle in his eye and is smarter than everybody in the room and 12 steps ahead of everyone, and just a large, delicious villain.”

Added fellow co-showrunner Robert Rovner:

“He’s the biggest supervillain we’ve had on the show, and his plans will kind of touch every character and impact the entire season moving forward once he arrives.”

Watch the new ‘Supergirl’ clip below:

Cryer’s Luthor debuts on ‘Supergirl’s March 15 episode, entitled “O Brother, Where Art Though?”  This is the 15th episode of Season 4.

As if the arrival of Lex Luthor weren’t enough, Supergirl and J’Onn J’Onzz (David Harewood) are still dealing with rogue telepath Manchester Black (David Ajala). On a quieter note, James’ sister Kelly (Azie Tesfai) comes to town.  Rovner said, “There are circumstances in James’ life that bring her town and then she ends up staying to both help James and pursue her own life.”

‘Supergirl’ airs on The CW on Sunday nights, at 8 pm EST.

Source: Entertainment Weekly