There was never a shortage of horrifying and artistic murder that was being shown in ‘Hannibal‘ but Bryan Fuller has shared there was one kill that they weren’t able to pull off. Between the budget and NBC not thrilled with how it was going to be created for the small screen, they decided to pass on making it. While Fuller was initially thinking about pushing back from the NBC side on how it would be viewed, having the finances being a problem as well made it not happen.

It was also one of the early murders that came to play during the first season when Hugh Dancy’s Will Graham was still trying to track down Eddie Izzard’s Dr. Abel Gideon. While Gideon ended up killing his psychiatrists in a rather graphic nature already, pulling their tongues through an incision in their throats, the original was a bit worse off.

Apparently, the plan was to have him lure the blogger Freddie Lounds played by Lara Jean Chorostecki to one of the offices and when she turned on the light all Hell would break loose. Specifically in the form that the switch would have been rigged to turn on the ceiling fan which “was attached to an incision in the living doctor’s abdomen.”

As Fuller puts it:

“[It] essentially disembowels him by spinning the fan, all in one fell swoop. That was the only one where NBC was like, ‘I just don’t know how you’re going to do it.’ We would have pushed back if we also hadn’t been told that financially we didn’t know how we could afford to produce such a gag, because you have intestines swinging around a ceiling fan.

If you love his artistic take on gore though you should be thrilled to know that it will likely still be used! According to Fuller “It’ll probably end up in something” and while that isn’t clear if he means ‘American Gods’, a potential future season of ‘Hannibal’, or something else that could be good news for fans.

Visually we have a bit more of a tease that you can check out below:

That sounds like it would be right up the artistically laid out murders in ‘Hannibal’ which would have been equally hard to take your eyes off of and turn your stomach at the same time.

Are you glad this kill never made it into ‘Hannibal’? Where would you like to see it appear down the line if Singer can’t get another season of the show made? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Entertainment Weekly