Emilia Clarke Shares Why Daenerys' Reaction To The News Of Snow's Parents Was In Character

Fans of a certain romance in ‘Game of Thrones‘ got to see their favorite characters thrown a huge curveball in the second episode of the final season. While Kit Harington‘s Jon Snow was torn up over the fact that Daenerys Targaryen was actually his aunt, her reaction had everything to do with his claim to the throne and not that they were related. While that may have confused some viewers, actress Emilia Clarke has voiced why that is so in character for Dany. Audiences have wondered how it would play out for Jon and Dany when the two came to know that they were actually related to one another in “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” but for those who were surprised at Dany’s response, they shouldn’t have been.

It has been previously stated that incest wasn’t uncommon in the Targaryen lineage and Clarke even shared that, “The related thing, to her, is so normal, she could have easily married her brother. It’s not a thing. It’s a thing for Jon, but let’s just forget about that. The main thing is we’re up for the same promotion and I’ve been working for it for my entire existence.”


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That is the key statement. Daenerys of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Protector of the Realm, Lady Regent of the Seven Kingdoms, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons has been working her entire life to once more regain the Iron Throne and since her brother’s demise it wasn’t for her family but for herself. Clarke goes on to share that:

“This is my whole existence. Since birth! Dany literally was brought into this world going: RUN! These f—ers [in Westeros] have f—ed everything up. Now it’s, ‘You’re our only hope.’ There’s so much she’s taken on in her duty in life to rectify. There’s so much she’s seen and witnessed and been through and lost and suffered and hurt to get here … and Jon doesn’t even want it!”

As her character states when finding out this news, “If it were true, it would make you the last male heir of House Targaryen. You’d have a claim to the Iron Throne.” It isn’t just claim either as in medieval Europe the line of succession went to the eldest male offspring which meant Rhaegar followed by his son Jon Snow, aka Aegon, is the rightful heir.


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This single piece of knowledge has shattered the world which Daenerys has lived in her entire life and while Jon has no interest in the throne, it could quite likely put these two at odds with one another.

Do you feel that Daenerys is going to turn on Jon in upcoming episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ to take her place as the ruler of Westeros or will she bend the knee to her new king? Can these two even find a way to move forward with one another if they both survive the upcoming battle against the undead in Winterfell? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Entertainment Weekly