With the Stephen King adaptation train at full speed these days it isn’t hard to wonder why creators would want to visit his work, but Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason have a specific reason as to why they wanted to tackle ‘Castle Rock.’ This town has been featured heavily either as the setting or being referenced by many of Stephen King‘s works, so the idea of tying these various tales together sparked a massive interest in these two showrunners.

Thomason shares that:

“It felt to us like there was a really interesting way to approach the material, which was to say, what is a town like Castle Rock like now? I think we were excited by the idea of coming back to this place that had haunted our childhood dreams and thinking about what it would be like in modern times.”

Seeing how the residents of ‘Castle Rock’ have dealt with all of these problems over the years and for one reason or another have chosen to stay is an interesting concept. In the past, King has written about towns which have become abandoned after horrific events such as the novel ‘Desperation’ which was published in 1996, so what is the draw to keep this community active? That will be an exciting plot thread to follow.

To put it a little more bluntly, Shaw asked:

“You wonder who the fuck stays in a town after like the second serial killer and the demonic truck and the rabid dog. What is this town that has been visited by more than its share of nightmares?”

One of the main characters is a realtor who could be a potential area that provides insight as to why some residents stay and some leave.

Are you looking forward to the premiere of ‘Castle Rock’ on Hulu this July 25th, 2018? Do you feel that these showrunners have captured some interesting plot threads which can be used to weave various stories by Stephen King together? Share your thoughts below!

Source: TV Line