The CW has already brought us one cartoon series starring an African American woman with ‘Vixen’.  Now the network is getting ready to unleash the first openly gay Caucasian male super hero in animated form, ‘The Ray’.  ‘Freedom Fighters: The Ray’ is anticipated as the first of a series of shows that will feature classic DC characters including Black Condor and Phantom Lady, at least according to the promotional artwork shown.

Here is the show’s synopsis:

RayRaymond “Ray” Terrill was a reporter who discovered a group of government scientists working on a secret project to turn light into a weapon of mass destruction. But before he could report on his findings, the project head exposed Ray to a “genetic light bomb.” The bomb failed to kill him and instead gifted Ray with light-based powers. With these abilities, Ray realized he could go beyond reporting on injustice–he could take action to help stop it. Calling himself The Ray, he was recruited by Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters to fight violence and oppression wherever it exists.

This version of ‘The Ray’ will be based on Grant Morrison’s ‘Multiversity’ comic book.  No casting has been announced, but Megalyn Echikunwoke provided the voice of Vixen with an eye on her eventually appearing in live action on one of The CW’s shows, which she did on ‘Arrow’ this past season.  Unfortunately, Echikunowoke has been cast in the film ‘Step Sisters’, meaning she can’t appear in the upcoming season of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ necessitating producers to replace her with Maisie Richardson-Sellers, portraying an earlier version of the character.  (The show is about time travel, after all.)

‘Vixen’ was set firmly in the Flarrowverse, but there has been no word on whether ‘The Ray’ will be set in the same universe or whether The Ray will eventually appear on the live action CW shows.

But it does appear that The CW plans on more animated shows on Seed, as Phantom Lady, Black Condor and maybe Firebrand (?) will factor into the animated series.

Are you intrigued by ‘The Ray’ the animated series?

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