Jordan Peele Twilight Zone

Following the massive success of ‘Us’ in theaters this weekend, fans are really looking forward to Jordan Peele‘s update of ‘The Twilight Zone’ which premieres on CBS All Access on April 1.  In the meantime, Peele has a few recommendations for classic episodes that fans should watch in preparation.

‘The Twilight Zone’ was created by Rod Serling and originally aired from 1959-64.  While the original series continued to air in syndication, a theatrical anthology movie was released in 1983, followed by a revival on CBS from 1985-89, a TV movie in 1994, and another single-season revival on UPN in 2002-03.

Peele is a ‘Twilight Zone’ superfan and has cited various episodes as influences on his work.  For the new series, Peele recommends:

“To Serve Man” (Season 3, Episode 24, Directed by Richard L. Bare, Original air date March 2, 1962)


A race of advanced aliens arrives on Earth to supposedly save the planet.

Peele said:

“‘To Serve Man’ is the one that, I think, is the quintessential Twilight Zone. It’s perfect. It has everything.”

Including a whopper of a twist ending!

“Living Doll” (Season 5, Episode 6, d: Richard C. Sarafian, O.A.D.: November 1, 1963)


Decades before Chucky or Annabelle, there was Talky Tina, a doll bought by a woman for her young daughter, against the wishes of her straight-up asshole second husband, played by Telly Savalas.

Peele said:

“It’s one of my favorites.  Just scared the sh— out of me as a kid. And you could make the argument that underneath that is a story about consumerism, the one-upsmanship of toys. But in its essence, it’s a great horror story.”

“Mirror Image” (Season 1, Episode 21, d: John Brahm, O.A.D.: February 26, 1960)


A woman encounters a mysterious doppelgänger at a bus station.  Could this have been an influence for ‘Us’?

“Those are my top three.  They’re very scary and very dark ones.”

Peele’s fellow executive producer Simon Kinberg also offered three to binge: “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet,” “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street,” and “Time Enough at Last.”

The original ‘Twilight Zone’ is available on CBS All Access and other streaming services.

Peele’s remake arrives on April 1, with two episodes, with new installments available every Thursday.

Source: Entertainment Weekly