Online science-fiction entertainment channel DUST has been on a tear lately, providing both exclusive content and access to classic sci-fi materials for viewers via a variety of platforms – most notably their Facebook page, YouTube channel, website, Roku channel, and more.

We here at are proud to bring you the first and exclusive look at the trailer for their newest offering, entitled ‘Pendulum.’  It’s a 20-minute short film – the trailer and official synopsis are below:


30 years ago the Hubble telescope detected a gravitational “rip” in the atmosphere, which scientist’s predicted would one day destroy Earth. Consequently, a “lost” generation was born, knowing they would never grow old. Encouraged to act like everything’s normal by the government, they’ve lived lives of hedonism and nihilism. Until the first rips began to appear in the sky… A young woman, Cerys, sick of her soulless life, encourages her friend Gwilym to travel with her to India, where people are celebrating the Apocalypse. In her search for meaning, Cerys takes Gwilym to an ex-pat commune, run by an enigmatic leader who offers solutions for her anxiety. The sky continues to groan. The end draws near. Will she find what she is looking for?

‘Pendulum’ stars Lauren Cooney, who is also the writer of the film (writer/director of ‘Shut Eye’ and ‘Shut Eye 2’), as well as Scott Michael Wagstaff (‘The Interview’), and Tom Sawyer (‘Guardians’).

The film itself will premiere tomorrow, March 28th, on the DUST channel, so you won’t have long to wait to check out the full experience!