ryan reynolds deadpool

Fans of ‘Deadpool‘ and Donald Glover aren’t the only ones who are disappointed that the new animated series hasn’t happened as Ryan Reynolds wants to check it out! Once FX canceled the new show after checking out the pilot, no one was thrilled. Now, it seems the real-life incarnation of the Merc with the Mouth is also unhappy how this played out.

Reynolds has long shared that his passion for Deadpool stems from being a fan of the original comics. ‘Deadpool’ isn’t just a paycheck for Reynolds but a fun way to continue something that he has enjoyed from his youth which is mature enough for adults to love.

While the actor is currently out promoting ‘Deadpool 2’, he was asked about Glover’s project and not only called him “a genius” but said:

“I would’ve loved to have seen what he did with that!”

We’ll never know if Stephen Glover‘s mention of Taylor Swift being why the show got axed was correct or not, but perhaps with some reshaping of the script and enough outcry from fans, we could still see it happen.

Do you feel that Reynolds was right and the series should have gone forward after the rough test animated above? Would more ‘Deadpool’ fit on the small screen or would Wade Wilson have been heading into a market which is already oversaturated with superheroes? Will we see the same kind of reaction to this footage that we did to Reynolds? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: New York Times