At the end of last week’s episode, we saw a very drunk Sookie begin making out with Alcide with Bill in the window watching. When Eric approached him about his spying ways, Bill revealed that he wants Sookie to help find Russell Edgington, but not to ask for her help, to force her into submission of helping. Pam was released by Eric, who then turned her affections to Tara, who is now her protegee. Tara learns some of the basics of becoming a vampire from her sire, but is still reluctant to their ways. Terry and Patrick have encountered the fallen solider in an abandoned barn while Arlene worries with the kids back home. LaFayette has dubbed Sookie the Angel of Death, and in anger turns into the Brujo and curses Sookie’s car. This is just a brief summary of what happened last week, and this week looks to be just as action packed as the last. Because this is a recap, there are spoilers ahead.

Sookie and Alcide make their way up the stairs in the midsts of their heavy petting…but before anything romantic happens, Sookie vomits in front of him. Bill and Eric stand behind them, mocking their less than fortunate turn of events.

LaFayette locks himself in his home, talking to the brujo about Sookie’s near death experience. He lights candles and prayers to try to remove the brujo from his system. The statues mock him for what he has done, but he smashes them, quieting them, claiming he was a good man. LaFayette begs for a sign from Jesus, he needs help.

Heller ties up Patrick and Terry in the barn basement, wanting to know if anything followed them there. They tell him that they are alone, but he continues to act sketchy. Climbing up the ladder and out of sight of the two, they talk about how it wasn’t such a great idea to be there.

Jason awakes in a bright house where it is Christmas, while Sookie is a child with his parents alive eating breakfast. The dream turns sour as blood starts pouring from his parents neck, then awkward as his mother starts asking if he would like to have sex. Jason awakes with a start to his phone ringing.

Arlene walks into a naked Andy sleeping on the couch, whose phone is ringing. She tells him to answer the phone because he’s going to wake the baby.

Bill and Eric confront Sookie about unglamouring Alcide’s employee Doug. The three men fight over what has happened between them. But when Sookie closes her eyes she hears dogs barking, making her laugh. She realizes nothing will ever change, even after her decision to leave everything behind. She just laughs and walks out, leading them all into the jaws of death.

Pam watches over Tara as she masters the club. Pam puts Tara to work as a bartender in Fangtasia, but she messes up by biting a patron. Pam immediately ends it and punishes Tara for her action while Jessica walks in to see the scuffle.

Sookie goes to Doug to take apart his brain, they see a woman digging up Russell with her hands. A pendant is on her neck, a female member of the Authority, which Bill deduces quickly. Bill thinks it is Nora who released Russell, Eric fights him on it. We are then shown Nora who is praying on the ground, the pendant shown on her chest. The Guardian has said they have until dawn to find Russell, which Salome is quick to tell the other council members. She then goes to see The Guardian, who is staring at the blood of Chancellor Drew. He thought he was a great man, deeply committed to main streaming. Salome tries to convince The Guardian that it is a mistake to underestimate those who are against the Authority, but The Guardian doesn’t want to hear it.

Patrick is convinced that Heller is the one torching the soldiers homes. Heller holds the gun to Terry’s head, saying he saw Kessler and his wife burn. After they had returned from Iraq he was staying with them. He awoke to see their house on fire. The fire moved, not like how it was supposed to. There was screaming, and there was a demon amongst the flame. During the firefight in Iraq the woman cursed them, bringing the demon among them. The woman hadn’t died originally. Terry had tried to save her, she was only shot. But Patrick ordered her death. When Terry shot her, she had placed the curse right before she died.

Sam brings the police over to the two shifters’ homes, where Jason sees the bodies of his parents there. Andy and Jason talk about how they can’t remember how they got home from the club that night. Andy then realizes that he had sex with a fairy. Andy swears them silent, then commands Jason to sweep the perimeter then goes to question Sam about what happened.

Jessica goes to talk to Tara in Fangtasia. Jess asks her if she’s okay, but Tara asks if she can switch makers. Jessica apologizes for this happening to her if she didn’t want it to. She promises her that it does get better. Jessica, being a young vampire, knows what it’s like to be a new vampire, and takes Tara under her wing. “We’re going to live forever. We’re going to be young, forever. The world is like, wide open to us.”

Doug doesn’t remember the road that Alcide drives down. Bill and Eric talk in the back about Nora, still. Bill thinks that she is a traitor and a liar. Eric fights him to try and take it back. Molly calls to tell them that they have until dawn to find Russell. Eric and Bill try to split up but Sookie doesn’t have it.

Jason digs out a wooden bullet from a tree by the shifter’s home. After Sam leaves, Jason talks about how the supes have had supernatural killing for years. Vampires have been getting away with it forever. Andy finds tire tracks.

Sookie and the guys go into the asylum following Doug’s brain. Doug panics, slightly remembering where Russell is. Sookie has a flash, weakening her a bit. Bill asks if she’s okay, she blames the peach schapps. They follow a trail of rodents to a pile of drained bodies. Eric knows they have found the right place. They go downstairs into the basement by the morgue.

Outside Fangtasia Tara smokes a cigarette. Hoyt comes up from behind, Tara noticing him. She calls him a fangbanger, and she’s a vampire. Hoyt asks her for attention, and she tells him to go home to his mama.

In the basement, Terry flashes back to the night in Iraq. After the firefight they burned all the bodies of the citizens. He hears screaming as the smoke forms a demon. He tells Heller that he had seen the demon too. The demon was watching them, they need to get out of there. Terry tries to convince him they need to leave, the demon has been waiting for all three to be in the same spot together, that they are sitting ducks for the demon. Patrick knocks out Heller, while him and Terry fight. Terry actually did see the demon and doesn’t want anything to do with Patrick. Patrick comes up to talk to Terry about it, who is having a cigarette. Patrick says they are going to the police, firmly believing that Heller is just mentally ill. Down in the cellar, smoke pours out of the ceiling and the demon is shown, surrounding Heller.
LaFayette sleeps on his couch, seeing Jesus’ head on his table, his mouth sewn shut.

Doug continues panicking as they follow Sookie’s hacking into his brain. Doug runs away, running into a room where bodies are hanging from the ceiling, still alive. One of the men who is hanging tells them of how the prisoners are taken to another room where there is screaming and then there is not. Bill, Eric and Sookie go to investigate.

Sam goes to tell Luna about the two shifters who were killed. Luna cries as she tells Sam there wasn’t anyone who would hurt them. Luna just tells Sam that Emma has been having trouble sleeping lately. She tells Sam to leave after his offer of being there to take care of her. He tells her that he will come check on her the next day. As Sam walks away he is shot by people in masks. Luna runs out, and she is shot as well. Sam tries to yell her to stop. Sam yells at Emma to run, seeing her shift into a wolf.

The Guardian talks to the council about traitors being in the midsts of them. He doesn’t want to think of the humans as just food. He wants to continue mainstreaming. Tara feeds off of Hoyt, Jessica hearing this tears her off of him. Bill holds Sookie’s hand as they walk into the asylum room where Russell Edgington lies. Eric bares his fangs at Russell, but before the fight can begin, Alcide turns.

I’m happy to see the return of Russell Edgington, finally. He has been one of my favorite parts of the series as a whole, to see him return is really exciting to me.

I think it would have been good for Jessica to take on Tara as her own, but I think with Hoyt thrown into the picture it might be difficult. I think that Jessica realizes that Tara really doesn’t know how to control her blood lust yet.

As a whole this episode was a little slow, but with the return of Russell I think that it will pick up rather quickly. The nice thing about HBO shows is that there are only 12 episodes, so there isn’t so much filler as with network shows. We’ll get to see Russell in action fairly quickly, which leaves me excited for this upcoming episode. What did you guys think of this episode?