John Boyega Attack The Block

Before he was defending an entire galaxy far, far away, John Boyega was busy defending his London neighborhood Peckham from invading aliens in the highly acclaimed, low-budget flick ‘Attack the Block’.  This picture earned so much attention that it landed Boyega, who starred as Moses, his gig as Finn in the ‘Star Wars’ saga, and also set the careers for its director Joe Cornish, whose most recent film is the bigger budget family picture ‘The Kid Who Would Be King’, and costars Franz Drameh, who portrayed Jefferson Jackson/Firestorm on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, and Jodie Whittaker who went on to star on ‘Broadchurch’ and is, of course, the current ‘Doctor Who’.

Could this cult classic get a sequel?  Boyega is certainly game!  He posted a picture on Instagram of his character, Moses, running away from the alien creatures from ‘Attack the Block’.  When a fan asked, “Sequel?” he responded, “if the supporters want it then I’ll have to get back to Peckham ASAP.”

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‘Attack the Block’ is among the films featured in the upcoming Showtime documentary ‘Horror Noire’, which examines the roles of black characters and actors in the horror genre.  It’s certainly possible that this added attention could lead to enough interest to revisit this story.

While ‘Attack the Block’ was a low-budget hit, Boyega has experienced the opposite end of the film spectrum, having starred in the big-budget flop ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’.  It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to take on a lower-budget picture that has the potential to be a decent-sized hit.

Boyega will, of course, return as Finn in ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’, which is due out on December 20, and wraps up the nine-film saga begun back in 1977.  In the meantime, his voice can be heard on Netflix’s animated miniseries ‘Watership Down’.