an american werewolf in london

The first draft of the reboot of ‘An American Werewolf in London’ is nearing completion and writer-director Max Landis is sharing a bit of what to expect and how it will differ from his father’s iconic work. The 1981 version which John Landis released isn’t just a cult classic but one of the most iconic horror-comedies which have been produced to date. With practical effects that still live up to today’s standards to solid acting to a well-paced and quality story, it will be tough to put an original spin on the film that will resonate with audiences.

Of course, Landis has just such an idea:

“Finishing my first draft of An American Werewolf In London today. Took me way longer than usual because every time I opened the Final Draft file my laptop would slam closed under the weight of my father’s expectations.”

Clearly, there is no pressure here. Not only is he remaking a film that he loves and by a director that he respects, but said director is also his father. Specifically, a father who had tried to steer him away from this project at one point.

As to what changed? The original film followed David Naughton as a young American tourist who is attacked by a werewolf in Yorkshire. The change comes when addressing the ease with which the villagers kill the werewolf in the original movie even with the distinct chance that they knew the guy who was the wolf.

As Landis explains:

“Answering this question and the nature of the village’s role in the plot in the second and third act as of now are the biggest changes I’ve made to the original structure.”

He also mentioned that “I always wondered about that Pentagram” which could lead to an exciting change in the village on the whole.

Do you think that the village’s complacency with the werewolf and other aspects here could play into a better story? Is ‘An American Werewolf in London’ a movie that needs to be remade with how well the original still stands up today? Share your thoughts below!

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