Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

It hasn’t been disclosed who might be providing the voice of Salem in Netflix’s upcoming series ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, but the cat/cursed warlock takes center stage on the new poster that the streaming service has released to publicize the show, which is based on the Archie Comics character Sabrina Spellman, better known as the Teenage Witch.  In the original comics, Salem was an ordinary cat, but on the ABC sitcom, he was given the ability to speak and was revealed to be a warlock sentenced to spend 100 years trapped inside the body of a house cat after a failed attempt to take over the world.  This origin was then integrated into the ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ comic book.

Back in February, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who also happens to be the chief creative officer of Archie Comics, revealed a photo of the cat portraying Salem.

Now, here is the new poster:

Netflix ordered two seasons of ‘Sabrina’ in December.  Each season will consist of ten episodes.  Although Netflix hasn’t given a specific release date, this poster indicates that it is “Coming Soon,” and will most likely be made available this fall, close to Halloween.  Aguirre-Sacasa will be at San Diego Comic Con for a ‘Riverdale’ panel, so he may have some ‘Sabrina’ news to unveil at that time.

Kiernan Shipka, best known for playing Sally Draper on ‘Mad Men’ will portray the titular witch, while ex-Disney kid Ross Lynch will play her boyfriend Harvey Kinkle, who inconveniently turns out to come from a long lineage of witch hunters.  Lucy Davis and Miranda Otto play Sabrina’s aunts Hilda and Zelda, respectively, while newcomer Chance Perdomo portrays her cousin Ambrose, a necromancer.  Tati Gabrielle will appear as Prudence, a “mean girl” witch who leads a group known as the “Weird Sisters” after the witches in ‘Macbeth’.  Abigail F. Cowen and Adeline Rudolph are her lackeys Dorcas and Abigail.  The cast also includes: Richard Coyle as sinister Father Blackwood; ‘Doctor Who”s Michelle Gomez as Mary Wardell, Sabrina’s favorite teacher who evolves into the evil Madame Satan; Bronson Pinchot as Sabrina’s human principal George Hawthorne; and Jaz Sinclair as Sabrina’s BFF Rosalind Walker.

Hopefully, we will have more info next week!  Check back!

Source: TV Line