The trio of films set in the world of ‘The Purge’ have captured the imagination of horror fans, and there seems to be no end in the foreseeable future to the film franchise, with ‘The Purge 4’ already in the works.  Created by writer-director James DeMonaco, the cinematic universe is now set to expand onto the small screen as well, to tell the tale of what happens on all the days of the year other than the annual “new US holiday” where all crime is legal.

Jason Blum, CEO of the Blumhouse production company that has helped create the films, talked about the details of the series this week (the show was originally announced last month).  Blum mentioned that the TV series will revolve around the issues that this “awful law” bring up in our society year-round.

In an interview with EW, DeMonaco talked about his involvement with the TV series:

“I’ll probably write the pilot, [and] I came up with the idea for the first season. When they came to me and said, ‘Are you interested?’ I was like — because I was writing ‘Purge 4’ at the time — I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know, so much Purge-ing!’ But what’s great about Purge TV is that the ten hours they’ll be giving us, it allows us to explore character, why someone on this night would do something so heinous as pick up a gun or a knife and do something. It’s exciting because it opens up the idea in a way that I couldn’t do in a 95-minute movie.”

Interestingly, the show is said to be in the running to broadcast on both the USA Network and SyFy, both of whom are owned by parent company NBC.  No specific word has come yet on whether the show will be ready for this coming Fall’s season or not.

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