It looks like, after a long delay, Gore Verbinski‘s ‘Gambit’, starring Channing Tatum is finally about to begin production.  This project originated back in 2014, after Tatum, hot off the success of ‘Magic Mike’, expressed interest in portraying the kinetically charged Cajun mutant.  But development stalled repeatedly as directors came and went.  In the meantime, ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Logan’ arrived and changed the tone of 20th Century Fox’s ‘X-Men’ movies, which sent ‘Gambit’ back to the drawing board again, but now at long last, it appears that things are up and running again.

Channing Tatum
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Verbinski is planning to kick off production in February of 2018 and wrap in July.  This makes sense, as ‘Gambit‘ was announced as hitting theaters on February 14, 2019.  There had been some rumblings that it would be delayed again, but this would seem to squash that.

A big chunk of the filming will take place in New Orleans, LA, the home of the fictitious lead character.  New Orleans also hosted a lot of the filming of ‘Logan’ in 2016, both on the streets and at Big Easy Studios.

It also appears that some filming will also take place in Paris, France.  The character Bella Donna Boudreaux is expected to play a role in the film, and in the comics, she dwells in Paris.  Léa Seydoux was attached to the role in 2015, but since then, it appears she has moved on.  Recently, Lizzy Caplan was reportedly in talks to take over, but that isn’t confirmed as there are reportedly multiple female parts in the film including the villain Candra.  It appears that film is looking to cast the rest of her family, including her mother, the head of the Assassin’s Guild, her father Marius and brother Julien.

Speaking of villains, it is widely rumored that Mister Sinister/Nathaniel Essex will be the ultimate bad guy of this film, following up a tease at the end of ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’.  Fox reportedly had their eye on Daniel Craig for the role, but it appears they are still seeking an actor, so it’s unknown if things fell through with Craig or if that was just a rumor to begin with.  But Sinister is expected to appear not just in ‘Gambit’, but multiple mutant movies.

Fox announced that James Franco will be taking on the role of Jamie Madrox, the ‘Multiple Man’, so now there is speculation that Madrox will pop up in ‘Gambit’ to establish this character, but that’s just buzz.  Madrox and Gambit don’t really have any connection in the comics.

It does, however, appear that ‘Gambit’ will introduce Puck, the diminutive member of Canadian super team Alpha Flight.  Alpha Flight is a team with strong ties to Wolverine and the rest of the X-Men universe.  Current X-Man Northstar originated as a member of Alpha Flight.  There is a lot of potential there, but so far the Canadians haven’t been utilized in the films.  If Puck appears in ‘Gambit’ that could open the door for the rest of the team to enter in future installments.

That’s about all the news we know of at this point.  Are you excited that ‘Gambit’ is finally looking to happen?

Source: Omega Underground