Kevin Feige Quantum Realm

We’ve always been told that time is a little wonky in the Quantum Realm and now Marvel Studios‘ head honcho Kevin Feige is sharing a bit about how it works. While we’ve been told that time doesn’t work the same, it was quickly clear it does in some cases as Feige shares that “She [Janet Pym] aged.” We all knew this going into ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp‘ from the trailers but if time doesn’t work in the Quantum Realm as it does on Earth, how did Janet age?

Thankfully, the filmmakers created a loophole to explain the aging process. As Feige explains:

“Much like quantum mechanics itself, it is all very complicated. And it is, there are various…if you notice in this film, he talks about she through Scott Lang says meet me in the Wastelands beyond the Void. There are various levels that we check in on. So there are many, many different layers to the Quantum Realm.”

So these different layers, time passes in some of them but not all of them:

“That’s what they’ve told us. They’ve told us that it, time and physics and space work very differently down there. But that was part of a, that was a big question during the development process. And as usual, you’re the first one to pick on it a little bit, which is… should she have aged or not? And we felt that new Quantum Realm, we could justify either one. But that ultimately you wanna have an emotional reunion with Michael Douglas, an emotional reunion with Evangeline Lily and our first instinct had always been specifically now Michelle Pfeiffer from that first movie. It felt like it should be somebody who’s the right age. As opposed to Michael Douglas with somebody who has not aged. Or Evangeline Lily connecting with somebody who’s not aged. That just adds another layer of sort of sci-fi weirdness. Yeah. And we’re not afraid of sci-fi weirdness. I love it. But not in that case.”

So time can move forward normally in some areas of the Quantum Realm but not all of them. This explains why Janet got older as she was stuck in a layer of the Quantum Realm where time does pass. It isn’t clear if this is still how ‘Avengers 4’ will try to undo the Thanos finger snap in ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘ as one of the main rumors was that the Quantum Realm would be used to travel to the past and prevent this all from happening.

Only time will tell.

Are you glad that an explanation for how time works in the Quantum Realm was shared? Do you feel that it will play a pivotal part in ‘Avengers 4’? Share your thoughts below, True Believers!

Source: Slash Film