Despite whether you think ‘Arrow‘ lost its touch after the phenomenal second season of the series, or whether you believe (as I do) that they have managed to find their original spark in the 4th season after losing their way in Season 3, ‘Arrow’ is the foundation of the current ‘Arrowverse’ (the television universe of the DC Universe), which makes star Stephen Amell the official face of the ‘Arrowverse.’ And since he was there to help launch ‘The Flash,’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ has helped bring ratings and viewers over to ‘The Flash’ during the many cross-overs, and even did a guest spot recently on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ as an older version of Oliver Queen, it is no wonder that he wants to see every show in the ‘Arrowverse’ succeed, even one who does not exist in the same Earth-1 of the multiverse as the other shows. Yep, I am talking about ‘Supergirl,’ and while we all know by this point that Grant Gustin will be crossing the multiverse to visit the CBS hit, it seems he is not the only one who wants to spend some time in National City.

According to Amell in a recent interview with IGN:

“Sure! In this iteration of the DC Universe, the “Television Universe” as it were, I’m the guy that’s been around the longest, so I always feel — whether I’m on a show or I’m not on a show — I always feel as though I can in some way, shape or form represent them, and I always want them to be wildly successful and last for many more years than we end up lasting, because I just want to see people have success. So I would love to go over to ‘Supergirl.’ That would be a blast, if for no other reason than I miss shooting in Los Angeles.”

Of course, unlike Gustin’s Barry Allen, Oliver Queen has no possible way to cross the multi-verse, unless he somehow gets mixed up in a bad Star Labs experiment or something. Either way, it would be interesting to see the human hero Oliver Queen head over to ‘Supergirl’ and show her a thing or two about being a hero, and remind her that you do not need powers to be a superhero (although some might argue her sister already proves that every week on the show).

What are your thoughts on Oliver Queen appearing on ‘Supergirl?’ What if the Oliver Queen of ‘Supergirl’s’ multiverse showed up, and was played by Stephen Amell? That would certainly eliminate the actual need for Amell’s original character to cross the multiverse. Share your theories and opinions in the comments below!