Iron Fist

Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ Season 1 definitely needed a lot of work, but most would agree that the primary issue (aside from Finn Jones being unprepared in the martial arts/ choreography department when he first took on the role) was that the Hand was not a solid antagonist for the hero, and even once we learned who was behind the shadowy organization, it still did not leave Danny Rand a real villain to fight against. Luckily, for Season 2, we not only have Davos (aka future Silver Serpent) for Danny to content with, but it looks like Danny will also be tangling with fan-favorite villain Typhoid Mary, who is portrayed by the always amazing Alice Eve.

Mary, in the comics, is usually shown as having three distinct personalities: the first being “Mary,” her most humble and meek self, then “Typhoid,” who is more confident, outgoing and lustful, and lastly, “Bloody Mary,” her most villainous self, who is described as a bit sadistic. She has been around the comics since 1988, mostly appearing in ‘Daredevil’ comics where she has been both a lover and a nemesis to Matt Murdock, and she is especially dangerous because in addition to her combat skills as an assassin she is also a mutant with the psychic ability to set things on fire with her mind (though whether or not we see that particular ability in the more grounded Netflix corner of the MCU is anyone’s guess).

Today, we have a few new images from ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 showing off 2 distinct personalities of Typhoid Mary in the series, with the very telling caption of “You never really know someone until you see both sides,” letting us know that we will definitely be seeing at least 2 parts of Mary’s split personality in the series. Check the images out for yourself below:

You never really know someone until you see both sides. #IronFist

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Hopefully, Typhoid Mary will be a major villain this season and not just a quick bad guy to be dispatched by Danny and Colleen as soon as they realize her sadistic tendencies. But we’ll know soon enough, as ‘Iron Fist’ season 2 is only a few weeks away from premiering on September 7th!

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