A new mystery strikes the Trouble-plagued small Maine town in this suspenseful holiday episode of ‘Haven.’


We open on a woman paddle surfing. Unexpectedly, she is cut in half. We do not see what slices the woman in two.

Audrey Parker is confused. There are Christmas decorations all over town—in July. Everyone knows it is July, but they also think it is Christmas Eve. Audrey is the only one in town who notices the problem. Because she is the only one who realizes things aren’t right, she knows the source of the problem is a Troubled person. Being immune to the Troubles has its advantages.

Audrey despises Christmas because she was alone most of her childhood. She bounced around foster homes while growing up, so she does not have a strong sense of permanence. Nate, Duke, and everyone else loves Christmas, so they think Audrey’s complaints about the decorations comes from her loathing of the holiday. Nate does not believe that it is not Christmas Eve.

The owners of Haven’s local newspaper, Vince and Dave, debate about selling the newspaper.

A girl is found at a movie theater. Audrey and Nate are called because she claims no one remembers her mom. The girl is taken to the police station so her father can be located. Before they leave the theater, the song “Silent Night” is heard.

Back at the station, the father of the girl, Hadley Chambers, picks her up. Afterwards, Officer Stan tells Audrey they have a suspicious man in custody. Santa is in lockup. After teasing Audrey a little, the officers laugh and Santa is revealed to be Duke Crocker. The joke was Duke’s idea to get Audrey to lighten up.

Audrey, Nate and Duke talk to Officer Stan. Stan disappears, but Audrey is the only one who notices. Her frustration grows because she is the only one with a complete memory and who realizes there is a very serious situation happening.

The day is filled with multiple car crashes. “Silent Night” is heard repeatedly as the incidents of disappearing people increases. The body of the woman from the beginning of the episode is discovered. Duke and Audrey investigate, but her body disappears, and Audrey learns that she and Nate are the only cops left in Haven. The town is falling apart. Audrey, who earlier claimed that she is used to being alone becomes more terrified as she sees the town she calls home slowly slip out of existence.

Audrey goes to Vince and Dave Teagues for help. The newspaper reporters are keepers of Haven’s secrets; they have been covering up the truth for decades. From them Audrey learns about Arthur Chambers. In 1955 he claimed his family disappeared, but no one remembered any member of his family. Also, a train appeared in the middle of a field; the train was on a circular track and surrounded animals. Audrey makes the connection—the girl’s father’s last name is Chambers, so he must be Troubled. Before she leaves, Audrey learns that the population of Haven has fallen to 3100, which is much lower than the normal 21,000.

Audrey discovers that the father’s name is Gordon Chambers. She confronts Nate. “Do you trust your partner?” she asks him. Nate does, so he agrees to go with her and Duke to find Chambers, who they think is in a different town.

On their way out of town, they find another car accident. Duke notices that the front car seemed to hit something, but nothing is visible. Duke gets Audrey to admit that being immune to the Troubles and having most of the answers is a burden that can be difficult and tiresome. She wants to tell Duke more, but Duke is gone. Audrey has to make an effort to keep herself calm.

A bird smacks into something and falls. Audrey reaches out and touches an invisible wall. The wall cannot be broken, and it won’t shatter when Nate shoots it. Audrey thinks that if they are trapped, then Chambers is probably trapped too.

They go to the toy store owned by Chambers. Audrey spots a train set that looks like the scene that appeared in 1955. Audrey begins to put the pieces together. Chambers must have the ability to make people disappear by manipulating a certain toy, probably one that was made by Chambers. She also figures out that the toy in this case must be a snow globe with a Christmas scene; this would explain the decorations and the glass dome over the town.

Nate picks up one of the Haven snow globes and drops it. Audrey tells him not to worry because it is not the right one; the right snow globe plays “Silent Night.” Nate tells her that he should have listened to her all along. After telling her that he trusts her, he disappears.

Audrey goes back to the paper. Vince helps her find the address she needs. As they talk, the population falls from 20 to 19 to 17. Audrey needs to find the Troubled person fast.

Audrey finds Gordon Chambers at his home. Well, it used to be his home. He moved out the night before, but he can’t remember why. He knows he has a daughter, but he can’t remember his wife. Audrey learns that Arthur Chambers, Gordon’s grandfather, built model trains, which is why a train appeared when he made his family disappear. Audrey remembers that Arthur remembered his family, but Gordon does not remember his. She finally puts all the pieces together. The daughter, Hadley, remembers her mother. Since abilities are hereditary, Audrey realizes that Hadley is Troubled, not Gordon.

After looking at photographs, Audrey knows that Hadley is where she first met the girl, at the movie theater. Hadley sits alone in the dark theater and holds the snow globe. At first, she does not believe Audrey and denies she is the source of all the disappearances. When she hits the snow globe and tremors happen, Hadley begins to listen to Audrey. Audrey understands Hadley; the world inside the snow globe is appealing because it seems simple and provides a safe place to escape to, but if she keeps living in the globe, Haven will disappear. Audrey admits that you don’t have to live alone; there are people around you that care about you. Hadley’s ability manifested because her parents split, so she thinks people are meant to disappear. Audrey tells her that the real world will disappoint you and surprise you equally. Audrey is able to convince Hadley that her parents still love and care about her even though things are different.

Hadley gives Audrey the snow globe. The transformation of Haven into a snow globe world stops, and the town returns to normal. No one remembers what happened to them. As Duke says, the day is just another “one of those Haven moments.”

That night, Audrey throws a Christmas party. Nate and Duke think it is weird for her to have a Christmas party in July, but Audrey wants to celebrate having friends and a place to call home. She convinces Vince and Dave to not sell the paper because the paper is essential to Haven. Duke and Nate press Audrey for the truth about the day’s events; instead, she tells them that she is grateful to have everyone around her.

The show ends with everyone singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

The episode is eerie and tense as Audrey learns that wanting to be alone is different than being alone. The action shows Audrey accepting Haven as her home and admitting she has made meaningful connections with those around her. The interactions between Nate and Dave were a highlight; watching them verbally spar is always a treat. As always, Emily Rose’s performance as Audrey grounds the show and makes us believe and care for Audrey. ‘Silent Night’ is a good example of what ‘Haven’ is about—a woman on a journey to discover her past and purpose in a town plagued by the Troubles. The writing and the performances told a solid self-contained story that entertained regular viewers without alienating new audience members.

Season three of ‘Haven’ will air sometime in 2012.