Titans Reveals That Wonder Woman And The Justice League Exist In This Reality

It may have been a no-brainer that with the inclusion of Wonder Girl/Donna Troy (played by Conor Leslie) on ‘Titans’ that obviously Wonder Woman existed.  But DC can be a little picky about which characters appear where, as ‘Arrow’ has been allowed to use Deathstroke, and then they weren’t, and then they were again, and now I think they can’t.  But in the latest episode of ‘Titans’, entitled– what else?– ‘Donna Troy’, viewers got official confirmation that not only does Donna’s older sister Diana exist as Wonder Woman, but that she and Batman are in the Justice League.

In a flashback to Donna’s first meeting with Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites), the pair speak upstairs at Wayne Manor, while the “grownups” converse downstairs.  The problem at hand is The Joker and how to handle him.  Donna admits to Dick that “even Wonder Woman finds Joker scary.”  Dick then refers to Bruce and Diana’s meeting as “Justice League business.”

Bruce has only been shown as a silhouette so far and that is likely to remain the case, as there aren’t even plans to use him (or his alter ego of Batman) on the Arrowverse, despite Superman‘s appearances on ‘Supergirl’ and this winter’s ‘Elseworlds’ crossover.  It has even been confirmed that Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Steel may even get his own series.  Despite the fact that part of the action in ‘Elseworlds’ will take place in Gotham City, including a visit to Arkham Asylum, plus a major guest-appearance by Batwoman, it seems that for whatever reason Batman himself is off limits.  Perhaps this is due to the movies, but maybe not.

It’s also not likely that characters associated with the Arrowverse won’t appear on ‘Titans’ like The Flash, Kid Flash, Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Arsenal.  And Firestorm, Steel, Vixen, The Atom, etc.

But there are dozens of characters associated with the ‘Titans’ and ‘Teen Titans’ that should be easier to integrate into the series.  In fact, Donna Troy’s appearance is long overdue.  She was off-limits when the ‘Teen Titans’ and ‘Young Justice’ were in production.  She was teased in the ‘Teen Titans: Judas Contract’ movie, hinting that she could appear in another upcoming movie.  She co-starred in the ‘Super Best Friends Forever’ shorts that used to air on Saturday mornings on the Cartoon Network.  She also appeared in a non-speaking role in ‘Teen Titans GO! to the Movies‘.  Technically, she kind of appeared on the old ‘Wonder Woman’ series starring Lynda Carter, but on that, she had a different alias, Druscilla.

What do you think of the Justice League existing in the ‘Titans’ universe?  Would you like to see some of them in person?