It seems that following the final adventures of Hugh Jackman’s adamantium enhanced mutant in ‘Wolverine 3,’ director James Mangold will next be heading under the sea to direct Disney’s new adaptation of ’20’000 Leagues Under the Sea,’ which this time around will be given the title ‘Captain Nemo.’ While not a direct adaptation of Jules Verne’s 1870’s classic, the film will instead attempt to tell the story of the origins of Captain Nemo, most likely detailing how he came into possession of the legendary submarine, the Nautilus, and perhaps hinting at earlier encounters with the monstrous giant squid that torments the crew in the original film.

Of course, the last time anyone adapted ’20,ooo Leagues Under the Sea’ successfully was back in 1954, with Walt Disney himself behind the project, and starring Hollywood legends like Kirk Douglas and James Mason. And oddly enough, it seems Disney is not the only ones set to recreate the adventures of Captain Nemo. It seems 20th Century Fox is also in talks with Bryan Singer to create a competing film though their film will most likely be an actual adaptation of the book and not an origin story like what Disney is attempting.

Disney’s ‘Captain Nemo’ is still early in production, so no casting has been rumored just yet, but many are left wondering what direction the studio will go. If ‘Captain Nemo’ is an origin story, there’s a good chance Disney wants a franchise, which means they need to cast someone younger in the titular role to ensure they can get a good number of sequels out of him. There is some talk about Hugh Jackman signing onto the role because of his earlier involvement with Mangold, but if they are casting young, Jackman might frankly be just a bit too old at this point.

What are your thoughts on seeing the adventures of Captain Nemo up on the big screen again? Will they ever be able to do justice to the classic ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ from the 1950’s, or going further back, to the amazing book it is all based on? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Screen Rant